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Title: Streamline Simulation With Compressibility And Spatial And Dynamic Variation In Oil Composition
Author: Beraldo V.T.
Abstract: There are several oil fields offshore Brazil with horizontal oil density variations. API tracking, that is available in some commercial finite difference simulators, can deal with such cases by allowing definition of an initial oil gravity distribution and tracking variations of oil density, due to the movement of oil. Streamline-based simulators can be much faster than conventional finite difference simulators when applied to large and heterogeneous models. However, this approach is most accurate and efficient when it is assumed that the rock and fluids are incompressible. In previous work (Beraldo et al, 2007), an incompressible formulation for streamline simulation with an API Tracking option using two components in the oleic phase was presented. This paper presents a compressible formulation for streamlines that also considers API tracking. It extends the work of Cheng et al. (2006) and Osako and Datta-Gupta (2007) by consistently accounting for flux of mass and volume along streamlines. It was described how mass and volume can be mapped between the underlying grid and streamlines to minimize mass balance errors and how consideration of cumulative volume in a streamline can substitute for time-of-flight (Beraldo 2008). The method was implemented in a three-dimensional two-phase streamline-based simulator. Tests based on a Brazilian oilfield model and on the SPE10th Comparative Case demonstrate that the implementation can reproduce the results of a conventional simulator, while being substantially faster for finely-resolved models, even when compressibility is significant.
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Date Issue: 2008
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