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Title: A New Classitication For Lumbar Stenosis [uma Nova Classificação Para A Estenose Lombar]
Author: Landim E.
Abstract: Objective: To present a new classification for the lumbar stenosis based on morphopathologic criteria of the lesion related to the etiology and anatomic localization. Methods: The lumbar stenosis was classified in tree types according to its localization. In type "A", the stenosis is located at the vertebra. In the sub-type "A1", the posterior wall of the vertebral body is projeted posteriorly to the canal. In the sub-type "A2", the vertebral arch narrows the canal. In type "B", the stenosis is located at the intervertebral space, frequently seen in the degenerative stenosis. In the sub-type "B1", the spine is stable and in the sub-type "B 2", a segmental instability is associated. The type "C" is the association of the type "A" with the type "B", where the "C1" is the combination of sub-type "A1" with type "B". In the "C2" the sub-type "A2" and the type "B" are combined. Conclusion: The classification can help the surgeon to identify the pathologic situation of the stenosis and can suggest the best approach when the surgical treatment is indicated.
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Date Issue: 2008
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