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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: The Lula Government And The Political Ascension Of The Domestic Brazilian Bourgeoisie [le Gouvernement Lula Et L'ascension Politique De La Grande Bourgeoisie Intérieure Brésilienne]
Author: Boito Jr. A.
Abstract: The article analyses the relationships between the First Lula da Silva government (2003-2006) and the bourgeoisie, through a perspective which rejects the idea of a homogenous capitalistic class and which bears in mind the various fractions of the Brazilian and international bourgeoisie acting as a social force alongside the Brazilian State. Criticising those who maintain that the Lula government is in the continuity of the Cardoso government, and those who confine themselves to saying that the Lula government is "further to the left", this article proposes to identify the class upon which the Lula da Silva government relies. It maintains that this base is to be found in the domestic upper classes, which Lula has promoted without yet breaking from the hegemony of the major national and international financial capital. In other words, a government with a working-class base transformed into a government of that fraction of the bourgeoisie whose interests to some extent enter into conflict with foreign interests. Furthermore, this analysis shows that the domestic upper classes of dependent countries such as Brazil are not perfectly integrated into "globalization". © 2007 Brill Academic Publishers.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1163/176830807783402718
Date Issue: 2007
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