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dc.typeArtigo de eventopt_BR
dc.titleControlling Dispersal Dynamics Of Aedes Aegyptipt_BR
dc.contributor.authorFerreira C.P.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorPulino P.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorYang H.M.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorTakahashi L.T.pt_BR
unicamp.authorPulino, P., UNICAMP, IMECC, Departamento de Matemática Aplicada, Campinas, SP, Brazilpt_BR
unicamp.authorYang, H.M., UNICAMP, IMECC, Departamento de Matemática Aplicada, Campinas, SP, Brazilpt_BR, C.P., UNESP, IBB, Departamento de Bioestatística, Botucatu, SP, Brazilpt, L.T., UFV, Departamento de Matemática, Viçosa, MG, Brazilpt
dc.description.abstractThe dengue virus is transmitted in regions previously infested with the mosquito Aedes aegypti. To assess the spreading and establishment of the dengue disease vector, a mathematical model is developed that takes into account the diffusion and advection phenomena. A discrete model based on the cellular automata approach, which is a good framework to deal with small populations, is also developed to be compared with the continuouos modeling.en
dc.relation.ispartofMathematical Population Studiespt_BR
dc.identifier.citationMathematical Population Studies. , v. 13, n. 4, p. 215 - 236, 2006.pt_BR
dc.description.provenanceMade available in DSpace on 2015-06-30T18:13:41Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 1 2-s2.0-33749262350.pdf: 237831 bytes, checksum: 3e87d91e441c6d1c906aa26f38cb8dd0 (MD5) Previous issue date: 2006en
dc.description.provenanceMade available in DSpace on 2015-11-26T14:27:46Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 2 2-s2.0-33749262350.pdf: 237831 bytes, checksum: 3e87d91e441c6d1c906aa26f38cb8dd0 (MD5) 2-s2.0-33749262350.pdf.txt: 43299 bytes, checksum: 5767597cdaa6f5781d0c1cbb9cb88b38 (MD5) Previous issue date: 2006en
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dc.description.referenceGrant FAPESP (Polticas Pblicas e Temtico) and CNPq (Edital Universal 01/ 02)Fellowship FAPESPFellowship CNPqpt_BR
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