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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Sensitometric Comparisons Of Insight And Ektaspeed Plus Films: Effects Of Chemical Developer Depletion
Author: Casanova M.L.S.
Haiter-Neto F.
Boscolo F.N.
De Almeida S.M.
Abstract: The aim of this study was to compare the sensitometric properties of Insight and Ektaspeed Plus radiographic films manually and automatically processed using fresh and depleted chemical solutions. Ten sets of each type of film were obtained (1 set = 5 films), 5 sets being manually processed and 5 sets being automatically processed. A total of 100 films (50 Ektaspeed Plus and 50 Insight film) were exposed and developed. The first two sets of each film type were developed in fresh chemicals (one set per each type of processing), on the first day of the experiment. The other sets were processed in the same progressively depleted solutions once a week until the end of experiment, which was completed within 4 weeks. Characteristic curves were constructed to compare the sensitometric properties of the films: contrast, latitude and speed. Processing solution depletion had different effects on manually and automatically developed films, which was confirmed by the changes in the form of the characteristic curves in the third week of the automatic processing and fourth week of the manual processing. Ektaspeed Plus showed 11% reduction in contrast values for manual processing and 53% for automatic processing, while Insight contrast values showed a reduction of 25% and 59%, respectively. Insight film, however, showed lesser loss of speed and lesser increase of latitude than Ektaspeed Plus. In conclusion, chemical depletion in automatic film processing was faster than in manual developing. In depleted chemicals, both types of films had an increase in latitude values and a decrease in speed and contrast. Insight was more resistant than Ektaspeed Plus to decrease in speed and latitude when processed using older chemicals, whereas contrast in Ektaspeed Plus was comparatively more stable.
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Date Issue: 2006
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