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Type: Artigo de evento
Title: Synthesis Of A Polycyclic Silazane Network And Its Evolution To Silicon Carbonitride Glass
Author: Schiavon M.A.
Domenico Soraru G.
Yoshida I.V.P.
Abstract: Polysilazanes have been described as excellent polymeric precursors to amorphous silicon carbonitride (SiCN) glasses. In this work, the synthesis, thermal cross-linking and pyrolysis of a polycyclic silazane network precursor for a SiCN glass, were studied. This polymeric precursor was prepared by free radical polymerization of 1,3,5-trimethyl-1′,3′,5′-trivinylcyclotrisilazane, using dicumyl peroxide as radical initiator. The polymer-to-ceramic conversion was investigated by 29Si and 13C magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance (MAS NMR) and infrared spectroscopies, X-ray diffraction and by simultaneous thermogravimetric and differential thermal analyses. Based on the results the polymeric precursor can be characterized as a polycyclic silazane network, containing aliphatic carbon segments produced by the vinyl polymerization. 29Si and 13C NMR data of this polymeric precursor heated at different temperatures indicated the occurrence of side-reactions in addition to the vinyl polymerization. The SiCN glass was obtained as an amorphous solid up to 1400°C. Above this temperature, the crystallization process of the ceramic product was promoted by rearrangement of the different Si sites in the amorphous network. Heat treatment at 1600°C, under N2 atmosphere, produced a ceramic containing 85% silicon carbide (SiC) and 15% silicon nitride, determined by 29Si MAS NMR in relation to the total silicon sites, and under argon atmosphere, SiC. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1016/S0022-3093(02)01007-4
Date Issue: 2002
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