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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Pressure Effects In The Electronic Levels Of Tunable Laser Materials
Author: Lemos V.
Abstract: The low to high-field transition in KZnF3: Cr3+, induced by external pressure was observed through photoluminescence measurements at room temperature, T = 90 K and T = 20 K. Direct measurement of the lowest electronic level separation Δ, was accomplished through the low temperature experiments. Pressure coefficients of Δ are given. Emission spectra of KZnF3: Cr3+ obtained at several pressures and temperatures in the range [20 K - 90 K] allow for the construction of a Tanabe-Sugano type diagram illustrating the transition from low- to high-crystal-field regime for cubic and distorted centers. Assignments of sharp lines are given based on the analysis of these diagrams, time-resolved spectroscopy and transition lifetime. Emission measurements were performed at atmospheric pressure and low temperature outside the pressure cell and also at several pressures for KZnF3: Co2+. Comparing the zero-phonon line positions and using the phonon dispersion relation of the host material the fine structure in the emission spectrum of KZnF3: Co2+ was identified. Pressure coefficients were obtained for several among the emission lines from which the values for zero-phonon lines were deduced. Analysis show that the spin-orbit parameter changes with pressure are negligible in KZnF3: Co2+.
Editor: Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, Bellingham, WA, United States
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Date Issue: 1999
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