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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: A 30-kda Protein In The Surface Complex And Flagella Of Euglena Has Protein Kinase Activity
Author: Da Silva A.C.
Liu S.-L.
Bouck G.B.
Abstract: A protein kinase (PK) was partially purified from NaCl extracts of the cell surface complex of Euglena using DEAE-cellulose chromatography. Tubulins extracted either from flagella or from the cell surface complexes of Euglena were readily phosphorylated when incubated with [γ-32P]-ATP and the PK. Protein kinase activity was augmented with 5 mM Mn2+ or Mg2+, and was inhibited or had greatly reduced activity with 5 mM Ca2+, Co2+, Cu2+ or Zn2+. Incorporation was much lower when [γ-32P]-GTP was the phosphate donor. Serine and threonine were the major radiolabeled phosphoamino acids in tubulins; label was also found in phosphotyrosine. Alpha-tubulin solubilized from flagella was a relatively poor substrate for the PK, but a Euglena α-tubulin cDNA overexpressed as a Trx-fusion protein incorporated [γ-32P]-ATP into serine and threonine when incubated with cell surface extracts. Alpha- and β-tubulins from cell surface complexes were equally good substrates for the PK. No incorporation was observed in intact microtubules either from the cell surface complex or from isolated flagella. In-gel assays identified a polypeptide of about 30 kDa that phosphorylated tubulins in extracts of both flagella and the cell surface complexes, and dephosphorylated casein was a competitive substrate for the partially purified kinase. In vivo incubation with [32P]-orthophosphate produced numerous radiolabeled bands in acrylamide gels of NaCl extracts of the cell surface complex, but none of these bands could be positively related to tubulins extracted from surface complex microtubules.
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Date Issue: 1999
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