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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Effect Of Volume Variation On The Properties Of The Kondo System (la1-xcex)3al
Author: Medina A.N.
Hayashi M.A.
Cardoso L.P.
Gama S.
Gandra F.G.
Abstract: We have measured the electrical resistivity and ac magnetic susceptibility x(T) of (La1-xCex)3Al, for 0 ≤x≤1, and the electrical resistivity of (Ce1-zYz)3Al, for 0≤z≤0.1. The system was characterized using x-ray diffraction and metallography. From x-ray data we were able to determine the structure for all samples to be hexagonal and that the unit-cell volume decreases linearly in going from the La-rich side to the Ce-rich side. The results show that La3Al is a superconductor below 6.2 K and that Tc. decreases rapidly with the increase of the Ce concentration. For x>0.04 we observed a minimum in the resistivity and a reduction of the effective magnetic moment of Ce due to a strong compensation promoted by the Kondo effect. Our results show that the Kondo temperature increases with Ce and Y concentration, according to the reduction of the unit-cell volume. We also show that the antiferromagnetic transition temperature goes through a maximum at z=0.025, indicating that there is an interplay between superconductivity, antiferromagnetic ordering, and the Kondo effect. A diagram illustrating the evolution of the TK and TN is presented. The electronic specific heat (γ) increases with the Ce concentration showing a maximum around x≈0.4. It was also possible to determine values for the pJ product and the relative variation of the exchange parameter.
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Date Issue: 1998
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