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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Feeding Behavior Of Hummingbirds In Two Hippeastrum Sympatric Species [comportamento Alimentar De Beija-flores Em Duas Especies De Hippeastrum Herb. (amaryllidaceae)]
Author: Piratelli A.J.
Abstract: The feeding behaviour of hummingbirds in relation to two sympatric species of Amaryllidaceae, Hippeastrurn atibaya and H. psittacinum, was observed in order to determine the factors that may affect this behavior and its importance for the pollination of plants. The study was conducted at the Parque Florestal do Itapetinga, near the town of Atibaia, Sao Paulo state (Southeastern Brazil), by sessions of continuous naturalistic observations from April to October, 1992. Thaiurania glaucopis, Leucochloris albicollis, Chlorostilbon aureoventris, Colibri serrirostris and Phaethornis pretrei visited H. atibaya, while T. glaucopis and P. pretrei visited H. psittacinum. Thalurania glaucopis was the most frequent visitor of both species, behaving as a pollinator of H. atibaya and as nectar thieve of H. psittacinum. Phaethornis pretrei was the principal hummingbird visitor of H. psittacinum, and visited fewer H. atibaya flowers. The observed behavioral differences are probably associated with many factors such as morphology, competition and sexual selection of the hummingbirds. The effects of these differences on the pollination of plants contribute to the reproductive isolation between and to genetic cohesion in each of the two Hippeastrum species.
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Date Issue: 1997
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