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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Loose Preference/performance Linkage In A Leaf-miner From Serra Do Japi
Author: Marini-Filho O.J.
Sujii E.R.
Gomes-Filho A.
Abstract: Leaf-miner insects have been used to support different herbivory hypothesis, as these sometimes show preference for some kind of plant module, although this preference is frequently not linked to their offspring performance. In order to locate the pattern of attack of a member of this group of herbivores in the continuum between vigorous and stressed plants, we searched for factors that may be influencing female preference for certain oviposition sites and their effects on larval performance (survival). We studied a leaf-miner Agromyzidae fly attacking Triumfetta semitiriloba (Tiliaceae) in the subtropical mountain region of Serra do Japi, Jundiai, SP. We measured shoot length, number of leaves pershoot, leaf size, and assessed survivorship of leaf-miners by the developmental stage reached. Miners were found in leaves and shoots of all sizes in an approximately random distribution. There was no tendency of increasing oviposition on longer shoots. Although there was an increasing proportion of attacked leaves with shoot g (r2 =0.27), this pattern increased in a smaller ratio than the number of leaves per shoot. The pattern of attack was not linked to larval performance, which was the same in every leaf and shoot size classes. The distribution of leaf-miners on T. semi-tiriloba plants seems not to be related to resource availability, but rather to predation and parasitism pressures.
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Date Issue: 1997
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