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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Purification And Characterization Of The Adhesin 2134p (f18ae) Isolated From Escherichia Coli Enterotoxigenic (etec)
Author: Amorim C.R.N.
Yano T.
Rosa J.C.
Greene L.J.
Matsuura M.S.A.
Abstract: Enterotoxigenic colibacillosis occurs in newborn piglets and weaned pigs. It is characterized by acute diarrhea, progressive dehydration and death in a few days which lead to considerable economic loss. Disease is caused by two mainly virulence factors of Escherichia coil: a) production of enterotoxins and, b) production of adhesins. The purpose of this study was the detection, isolation, purification and characterization of a novel adhesin, referred as 2134P, in Escherichia coil enterotoxigenic (ETEC) st rains isolated from piglets with diarrhea in Brazil. This adhesin was detected in a high frequency (30.0) in these ETEC strains, which did not present the adhesins K88, K99, 987P, F41 and F42. Its suggests the important role of adhesin 2134P in porcine enteropathogenesis. The adhesin 2134P was purified on Sepharose CI. 4B cohlmn chromatography, and was analyzed by S1)S-PAGE stained with Coomassie Blue. and presented only one band of approximately 17 KDa identified by Western blot using specific anti-2134P serum. (;old ilnmunolabeling technique revealed that adhesin 2134P is a fimbrial structure on bacterial surface. The E. coil strain 2134 presented diffuse adherence paltern on tll';p-2 cells. It was obtained the first twenty-seven amino acid residues of the N-termini portion of the adhesin 2134P, showing a homology of 25 amino acids (92.5) with the I107 (F18ab) fimbriae. F107 (F18ab) fimbriae.
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Date Issue: 1997
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