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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: New Polyaniline/porous Glass Composite
Author: Zarbin A.J.G.
De Paoli M.-A.
Alves O.L.
Abstract: In this work we report the preparation of a glass-polymer composite, obtained by the in situ oxidative polymerization of aniline, in the pores of Porous Vycor Glass (PVG). A piece of PVG was added to acid aniline solution. PVG adsorbs aniline via an ion-exchange process (H+ from PVG porous surface/C6H5NH3 +). The impregnated PVG was added to a (NH4)2S2O8 acid solution. The glass gradually went to dark green with the formation of polyaniline in its conducting form, the emeraldine salt. The counter-anions are the SiO- groups on the pores surface of the glass, as confirmed by 29Si-CP-MAS-NMR. Addition of the composite to an NH4OH solution leads do a change from dark green to dark blue (emeraldine base), and this process is reversible.
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Date Issue: 1997
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