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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Using Wavelet Transform To Analyze Tool Vibration Signals In Turning Operations
Author: Fernandes Tavares Filho R.
Diniz A.E.
Abstract: The main goal of this paper is to study the feasibility of using multiresolution analysis through the use of wavelet transform, to analyze the tool vibration signal, in order to indirectly establishing the end of turning tool life. To do so, several turning experiments were carried out with different cutting conditions and the tool vibration was measured using accelerometers. After the cuttings, the vibration signals were analyzed in time domain, frequency domain and time-frequency domain and their behaviors were compared with the workpiece surface roughnesses. As the tool wears, the workpiece roughness increases and the tool vibration signal change its features. So, it was necessary to extract from the signal the feature that follows the surface roughness behavior in order to establish the end of tool life based on the workpiece roughness criterion. The analysis was done on the acceleration (signal generated by the sensor), velocity (first integration of the signal) and displacement (second integration) of the tool. The main conclusion of this work is that, the best parameter of the tool vibration signal to follow the surface roughness behavior, is the second level inverse of the wavelet transform of the tool displacement signal.
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Date Issue: 1997
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