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2019Immunohistochemical study of M1 and M2 macrophages population in chronic villitis of the placentaEgal, Erika; Rodrigues, Natalia de Magalhaes; Mariano, Fernanda; Souza, Reydson; Scarini, Joao; Sabino, Welligton; Aguiar, Leisa; Montalli, Victor; Gondak, Rogerio; Soares, Ciro; Morais, Thayna; Altemani, Albina-Outro documento
2019Analysis of amplified genes in samples of pleomorphic adenoma and carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma by CGH-Array techniqueEgal, Erika; Sabino, Welligton; Scarini, Joao; Souza, Reydson; Altemani, Albina; Tincani, Alfio; Del Negro, Andre; Kowaski, Luiz Paulo; Mariano, Fernanda-Outro documento
2019Secretory carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma: a case reportEgal, Erika; Souza, Reydson; Scarini, Joao; Martins, Antonio; Casarini, Andre; Altemani, Albina; Mariano, Fernanda-Outro documento
2019Analysis of the expression of genes related to lipidic and glycogenic metabolism in pleomorphic adenomas and carcinomas ex pleomorphic adenomasEgal, Erika; Scarini, Joao; Fernandes, Larissa; Sabino, Welligton; Souza, Reydson; Tincani, Alfio; Del Negro, Andre; Kowaski, Luiz Paulo; Campanela, Debora; Altemani, Albina; Mariano, Fernanda-Outro documento
2016Optical coherence tomography of macular atrophy associated with microcephaly and presumed intrauterine zika virus infectionCampos, Adriana Gondim de Moura; Lira, Rodrigo Pessoa Cavalcanti; Arantes, Tiago Eugenio Faria e-Outro documento
2017GnRH agonist (GnRHa) trigger for final oocyte maturation in fresh embryo transfer IVF/ICSI cycles - a systematic PRISMA review and meta-analysisHumaidan, P.; Esteves, S.; Haahr, T.; Roque, M.-Outro documento
2019Total versus subtotal hysterectomy: systematic review and meta-analysis of intraoperative outcomes and postoperative short-term eventsAleixo, Gabriel Francisco; Fonseca, Marcelo C. M.; Bortolini, Maria A. T.; Brito, Luiz Gustavo O.; Castro, Rodrigo A.-Outro documento
2019Thyroid nodules <= 1 cm and papillary thyroid microcarcinomas: Brazilian experts opinionRosario, Pedro Weslley; Ward, Laura Sterian; Graf, Hans; Vaisman, Fernando; Mourao, Gabriela Franco; Vaisman, Mario-Outro documento
2019Response to commentary on recommendations for the use of structural MRI in the care of patients with epilepsy : a consensus report from the ILAE neuroimaging task forceBernasconi, Andrea; Cendes, Fernando; Theodore, William; Gill, Ravnoor S.; Koepp, Matthias; Hogan, Robert Edward; Jackson, Graeme; Federico, Paolo; Labate, Angelo; Vaudano, Anna E.; Bluemcke, Ingmar; Ryvlin, Philippe; Bernasconi, Neda-Outro documento
2020Ahead international and german studies: 6-year interim effectiveness and safety outcomes in patients with hemophilia a receiving antihemophilic factor (recombinant) in a real-world settingOldenburg, J.; Ozelo, M. C.; Klamroth, R.; Guillet, B.; Huth-Kuehne, A.; Kurnik, K.; Khair, K.; Tsakiris, D. A.; Botha, J.; Fernandez, A.; Regensburger, S.; Tang, L.; Santagostino, E.-Outro documento