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2006Modulation of eosinophil functions by nitric oxide: cyclic Gmp-dependent and -independent mechanismsConran, N.; Ferreira, H.H.A.; Antunes, E.-Artigo
2005The plasma and tissue kininogen-kallikrein-kinin system: role in the cardiovascular systemAntunes, E.; Marcondes, S.-Artigo
2003Nitric oxide has a role in regulating VLA-4-integrin expression on the human neutrophil cell surfaceConran, N.; Ferreira, H.H.A.; Antunes, E.; Gambero, A.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2003Relaxation of rabbit corpus cavernosum by selective activators of voltage-gated sodium channels: Role of nitric oxide-cyclic guanosine monophosphate pathwayDe Oliveira, J.F.; Antunes, E.; Arantes, E.C.; Teixeira, C.E.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
1994The kinetics of chondroitin 4-sulfate release from stimulated platelets and its relation to thromboxane A2 formation and granule secretionDietrich, C.P.; De Nucci, G.; Nader, H.B.; Donato, J.L.; Antunes, E.; Nogueira, M.D.; Marcondes, S.-Artigo
2019Deletion of macrophage-derived toll-Like receptor 9 prevents erectile dysfunction in mice fed a high fat dietPriviero, F.; Calmasini, F.; McCarthy, C. G.; Wenceslau, C.; Antunes, E.; Webb, R. C.-Artigo
2000Investigation of the haemodynamic effects of phoneutria nigriventer venom in anaesthetised rabbitsDe Nucci, G.; Estato, V.; Antunes, E.; Machado, B.; Tibirica, E.-Artigo
1996Pharmacological characterization of novel tissue kallikrein inhibitors in vivoAntunes, E.; Prado, E.S.; Portaro, F.C.V.; De Nucci, G.; Bizeto, L.; Juliano, L.; Juliano, M.A.-Artigo
2004Comparison between the fluorescence spectroscopy and the 125i albumin-labeling technique for the study of skin edema dynamicsDa Suva Melo, M.; Martins, R.A.B.L.; Zangaro, R.A.; Camargo, E.A.; Antunes, E.; Villaverde, A.G.J.B.; Ferreira, D.M.; Munin, E.; Pacheco, M.T.T.-Artigo
1993Inflammatory responses induced by poly-L-arginine in rat lungs in-vivoAntunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Hyslop, S.; Bakhle, Y.S.; Santana, A.; Mariano, M.-Artigo