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1995Erratum: Theoretical Charge-exchange Galilean Invariant Cross Sections For The B3+ + He Collision (physical Review A (1995) 52, 3, (2486))Lopez-Castillo A.; Ornellas F.R.-Errata
2012Erratum: Neuronal Degeneration And Gliosis Time-course In The Mouse Hippocampal Formation After Pilocarpine-induced Status Epilepticus (brain Research (2012) 1470 (98-110))Do Nascimento A.L.; Ferreira Dos Santos N.; Campos Pelagio F.; Aparecida Teixeira S.; De Moraes Ferrari E.A.; Langone F.-Errata
1992Erratum: "infrared Study Of The Si - H Stretching Band In A-sic:h" (journal Of Applied Physics (1991) 69 (7805))Koropecki R.R.; Alvarez F.; Arce R.-Errata
2014Erratum: Large Magnetocaloric Effect And Refrigerant Capacity Near Room Temperature In As-cast Gd5ge2si2-xsn X Compounds (applied Physics Letters (2013) 102 (192410))Carvalho A.M.G.; Tedesco J.C.G.; Pires M.J.M.; Soffner M.E.; Guimaraes A.O.; Mansanares A.M.; Coelho A.A.-Errata
2013Corrigendum To Texture Analysis Of Magnetic Resonance Images Of Patients With Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy [epilepsy Behav 27 (1) (2013) 22-28]de Oliveira M.S.; Betting L.E.; Mory S.B.; Cendes F.; Castellano G.-Errata
2013Erratum: Changes In Soil Carbon Stocks In Brazil Due To Land Use: Paired Site Comparisons And A Regional Pasture Soil Survey (biogeosciences (2013) 10 (6141-6160))Assad E.D.; Pinto H.S.; Martins S.C.; Groppo J.D.; Salgado P.R.; Evangelista B.; Vasconcellos E.; Sano E.E.; Pavao E.; Luna R.; Camargo P.B.; Martinelli L.A.-Errata
2013Erratum To First Precise U-pb Baddeleyite Ages Of 1500ma Mafic Dykes From The São Francisco Craton, Brazil, And Tectonic Implications [lithos 174 (2013) 144-156]Silveira E.M.; Soderlund U.; Oliveira E.P.; Ernst R.E.; Menezes Leal A.B.-Errata
2013Corrigendum To "non-local Interactions And The Dynamics Of Dispersal In Immature Insects" [j. Theor. Biol. 185 (4) (1997) 523-531]Boldrini J.L.; Bassanezi R.C.; Moretti A.C.; Von Zuben F.J.; Godoy W.A.C.; Von Zuben C.J.; dos Reis S.F.-Errata
2013Retracted: Retraction Notice To "non-local Interactions And The Dynamics Of Dispersal In Immature Insects"Boldrini J.L.; Bassanezi R.C.; Moretti A.C.; Von Zuben F.J.; Godoy W.A.C.; Von Zuben C.J.; dos Reis S.F.-Errata
2012Erratum: Pseudogap In High-temperature Superconductors From Realistic Fr̈ohlich And Coulomb Interactions (europhysics Letters (epl) (2012) 100 (37005))Sica G.; Samson J.H.; Alexandrov A.S.-Errata
1980Erratum: Accurate Compton Profiles For H2 And D2 Including The Effects Of Electron Correlation And Molecular Vibration And Rotation (the Journal Of Chemical Physics (1977) 67 (3676))Smith Jr. V.H.; Thakkar A.J.; Henneker W.H.; Liu J.W.; Liu B.; Brown R.E.-Errata
2012Erratum: Validation Of Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopic Measurement Of Cerebral Blood Flow Using Phase-encoded Velocity Mapping Magnetic Resonance ImagingBuckley E.M.; Hance D.; Pawlowski T.; Lynch J.; Wilson F.B.; Mesquita R.C.; Durduran T.; Diaz L.K.; Putt M.E.; Licht D.J.; Fogel M.A.; Yodh A.G.-Errata
2012Erratum: Model For Domain Wall Avalanches In Ferromagnetic Thin Films [physica A: Statistical Mechanics And Its Application (2011) 390 (4192-4197))Buceta R.C.; Muraca D.-Errata
1979Erratum: Stability Of Amorphous Transition-metal Films (journal Of Applied Physics (1978) 49 (2420))Collver M.M.; Hammond R.H.-Errata
1991Erratum: Magnetic Monopoles Without String In The Kähler-clifford Algebra Bundle: A Geometrical Interpretation (journal Of Mathematical Physics (1990) 31 (502))Maia Jr. A.; Recami E.; Rodrigues Jr. W.A.; Rosa M.A.F.-Errata
2009Corrigendum To "cellular Growth During Transient Directional Solidification Of Hypoeutectic Al-fe Alloys" [j. Alloys Compd. 470 (2009) 589-599] (doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2008.03.026)Goulart P.R.; Cruz K.S.; Spinelli J.E.; Ferreira I.L.; Cheung N.; Garcia A.-Errata
2001Erratum: Pathogenic Characteristics Of Escherichia Coli Strain Isolated From Newborn Piglets With Diarrhoea In Brazil (veterinary Microbiology (2000) 76 (51-59) Pii: S0378113500002236)Martins M.D.F.; Martinez-Rossi N.M.; Ferreira A.; Brocchi M.; Yano T.; Castro A.F.P.; Silveira W.D.-Errata
1980Correction To "on Malgrange Theorem For Nuclear Holomorphic Functions In Open Balls Of A Banach Space"Matos M.C.-Errata
2014Erratum To: Hepatoprotective Effect Of Arctium Lappa Root Extract On Cadmium Toxicity In Adult Wistar Rats (biological Trace Element Research (2014) 160, (250-257) Doi: 10.1007/s12011-014-0040-6)De Souza Predes F.; Da Silva Diamante M.A.; Foglio M.A.; De Andrade Camargo C.; Aoyama H.; Miranda S.C.; Cruz B.; Gomes Marcondes M.C.C.; Dolder H.-Errata
2010Erratum: Determination Of Degree Of Polymerization Of Insulating Paper Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy And Multivariate Calibration (vibrational Spectroscopy (2010) 52 (154-157))Dos Santos E.O.; Silva A.M.S.; Fragoso W.D.; Pasquini C.; Pimentel M.F.-Errata