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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016Democracy, State And Government: Brief Considerations On BrazilDias Junior; Antonio Carlos; Bonifacio; Robert-Editorial
2016Escassez Hídrica E Direitos HumanosJacobi P.R.; Empinotti V.L.; Schmidt L.-Editorial
2016Climate Change: The Long Road From Theory To ActionJacobi P.R.; Empinotti V.L.-Editorial
2016A Reflection Opposing The Massification Of Agricultural ProductionJacobi P.R.; Giatti L.; d eToledo R.F.-Editorial
2016Escience Today And TomorrowMedeiros; Claudia Bauzer; Katz; Daniel S.-Editorial
2016Attention Deficit-hyperactivity Disorder In Patients In Rehabilitation Of Drug AddictionGuerreiro M.M.-Editorial
2016Escience Today And Tomorrow-part 2Medeiros; Claudia Bauzer; Katz; Daniel S.-Editorial
2016Chagas Disease: A Tropical Infection Of Interest To The RadiologistMarchiori E.-Editorial
2016Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes And Myasthenia Gravis Are Challenging Diagnoses In Neurological PracticeNucci A.-Editorial
2016Syphilis In Pregnancy And Congenital Syphilis: Why Can We Not Yet Face This Problem?Milanez H.-Editorial
2017The Challenge Of Including Chemodiversity, And The Potential Economic Use Of New Natural Compounds And Processes, In The Biota/fapesp ProgramJoly; Carlos A.; Bolzani; Vanderlan S.-Editorial
2016Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes And Myasthenia Gravis Are Challenging Diagnoses In Neurological PracticeNucci; Anamarli-Editorial
2016Acceptance Of Progestogen-only Contraceptives By Indigenous Women From South MexicoMiranda; Laura; Arellano; Liliana; Lopez; Luz M.; Faundes; Anibal-Editorial
2016What Can We Do As Gynecologists/obstetricians To Reduce Unsafe Abortion And Its Consequences? The Uruguayan ResponseFaundes; Anibal-Editorial
2017Editorial For SlacaPastore; Glaucia Maria; Sant'Ana; Anderson de Souza; Bicas; Juliano Lemos; Marostica; Mario Roberto; Jr.-Editorial
2016Acanthosis Nigricans And Insulin ResistanceLauria; Marcio W.; Saad; Mario J.-Editorial
2017Can Micrornas Improve Prediction Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Growth?Carvalho; Luiz Sergio F.-Editorial
2016Hdl Metrics, Let's Call The Number Thing Off?Sposito; Andrei C.-Editorial
2016Monthly Pcsk9 Inhibitors: The Choice For Prolonged Duration Of Effectde Carvalho; Luiz Sergio F.; Yoshida; Hiroshi-Editorial
2016Some Proud Words From The Incoming Editor-in-chiefRibeiro; Rafael V.-Editorial