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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016Recognition Of Occluded Facial Expressions Based On Centrist FeaturesRamirez Cornejo; Jadisha Yarif; Pedrini; Helio-Congresso
2017Microbial Diversity In Degraded And Non-degraded Petroleum Samples And Comparison Across Oil Reservoirs At Local And Global ScalesSierra-Garcia; Isabel Natalia; Dellagnezze; Bruna M.; Santos; Viviane P.; Chaves B; Michel R.; Capilla; Ramses; Santos Neto; Eugenio V.; Gray; Neil; Oliveira; Valeria M.-Congresso
2017Identified Particle Production In Pp Collisions At Root S=7 And 13 Tev Measured With Alicede Souza; R. Derradi-Congresso
2016Lyapunov Stability Criteria For Reacting Ionic Fluid FlowsReis; Martina Costa; Maurizio Sacchi Bassi; Adalberto Bono-Congresso
2016Mg-based Nanocomposites For Hydrogen Storage Containing Ti-cr-v Alloys As AdditivesFloriano; Ricardo; Leiva; Daniel Rodrigo; Dessi; Joao Guilherme; Cesario Asselli; Alexandre Augusto; Jorge Junior; Alberto Moreira; Botta; Walter Jose-Congresso
2016Randomized Methods For Higher-order Subspace Separationda Costa; Michele N.; Lopes; Renato R.; Romano; Joao Marcos T.-Congresso
2016Time-domain Interferometric Characterization Of Nonlinear And Thermal-induced Phase-shift In Silicon WaveguidesAldaya; Ivan; Gil-Molina; Andres; Fragnito; Hugo L.; Dainese; Paulo-Congresso
2016Tunable Third-harmonic Generation In Silicon Oxide Wedge MicrocavitiesSoares; Jorge H.; Santos; Felipe G.; Fujii; Lais; Wiederhecker; G. S.; Mayer Alegre; T. P.-Congresso
2016Hammerstein-based Equalizer For Nonlinear Compensation In Coherent Ofdm Long-reach PonsTorres-Zugaide; Jose; Aldaya; Ivan; Campuzano; G.; Castanon; Gerardo-Congresso
2016Network Savings Enabled By Probabilistic Shaping And Nonlinear CompensationDiniz; Camila A. S.; Alabarce; Miquel Garrich; Mello; Darli A. A.-Congresso
2016Optimal Schedule Of Dispatchable Dg In Electrical Distribution Systems With Extended Dynamic ProgrammingVergara; Pedro P.; Lopez; Juan C.; Lyra; Christiano; da Silva; Luiz C. P.-Congresso
2016Bullseye Optomechanical ResonatorSantos; Felipe G. S.; Espinel; Yovanny A. V.; Luiz; Gustavo O.; Benevides; Rodrigo S.; Wiederhecker; Gustavo S.; Alegre; Thiago P. Mayer-Congresso
2016Thz Solar Observations On Board Of A Trans-antarctic Stratospheric Balloon FlightKaufmann; P.; Abrantes; A.; Bortolucci; E. C.; Caspi; A.; Fernandes; L. O. T.; Kropotov; G.; Kudaka; A. S.; Laurent; G.; Machado; N.; Marcon; R.; Marun; A.; Nicolaev; V.; Hidalgo Ramirez; R. F.; Raulin; J. -P.; Saint-Hilaire; P.; Shih; A.; Silva; C. M.; Timofeevsky; A.-Congresso
20163d Isotropic To Via ParametrizationJunqueira; Mateus A. F. C.; Gabrielli; Lucas H.; Mejia; Felipe B.; Spadoti; Danilo H.-Congresso
2016Reduction Of Ultrasonic Indoor Localization Infrastructure Based On The Use Of Graph InformationGualda; D.; Urena; J.; Garcia; J. C.; Alcala; J.; Miyadaira; A. N.-Congresso
2016Harmonic Analysis Of Static Var Compensator Operating Under Distorted VoltagesLiberado; E. V.; Pomilio; J. A.; Marafao; F. P.-Congresso
2016Material Limited High-q Mechanical Paddle-resonatorLuiz; Gustavo O.; Santos; Felipe G. S.; Benevides; Rodrigo; Espinel; Yovanny A. V.; Alegre; Thiago P. M.; Wiederhecker; Gustavo S.-Congresso
2016Demonstration Of Brillouin Scattering Self-cancellationFlorez; O.; Jarschel; P. F.; Espinel; Y. A. V.; Cordeiro; C. M. B.; Alegre; T. P. Mayer; Wiederhecker; G. S.; Dainese; P.-Congresso
2016Cascade Coherent Anti-stokes Raman Scattering (cars) MicroscopyPelegati; V. B.; Kyotoku; B. B. C.; Padilha; L. A.; Cesar; C. L.-Congresso
2016Spectrally Efficient Fronthaul Architectures For A Cost-effective 5g C-ranMello; D. A. A.; Barreto; A. N.; Barbosa; F. A.; Osorio; C.; Fiorani; M.; Monti; P.-Congresso