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2009Motor Nerve Hyperexcitability And Muscle Cramps In Machado-joseph Disease - ReplyFranca Jr. M.C.; D'Abreu A.; Nucci A.; Lopes-Cendes I.-Carta
2009Inhibitors Of Factor Viii In Hemophilia [8]Santos A.; Annichino-Bizzacchi J.M.; Ozelo M.C.-Carta
2009Relationship Between Motor Function And Cognitive Performance [relación Entre La Función Motora Y El Rendimiento Cognitivo]Bobbio T.G.; Gabbard C.; Goncalves V.M.G.; Barros-Filho A.A.; Morcillo A.M.-Carta
2009Is There A Reliable Minimum Number Of Lymph Nodes For T1 And T2 Colon Cancer?Metze K.; Adam R.L.-Carta
2009Genome Rearrangements In Patients With Blepharophimosis, Mental Retardation And Hypothyroidism, So-called Young-simpson SyndromeBrancati F.; Bernardini L.; Cavalcanti D.P.; Romano C.; Novelli A.; Dallapiccola B.-Carta
2009Duration Of Chemotherapy For Metastatic Non-small-cell Lung Cancer: More May Be Not BetterSasse A.D.; Lima J.P.; Sasse E.C.; Santos L.V.-Carta
2009Platelet And Leptin In Obese Adolescents [plaqueta E Leptina Em Adolescentes Obesos]Pardo I.M.C.G.-Carta
2009Early Cardiac Iron Overload In Children With Transfusion-dependent AnemiasFernandes J.L.; Fabron Jr. A.; Verissimo M.-Carta
2009Urticariform Striae DistensaeCordeiro R.C.T.; De Moraes A.M.-Carta
2009Tunga Penetrans As A Traveler's DiseaseFerreira L.A.; Piazza A.A.; Junior W.B.; Macedo de Souza E.; Neves Ferreira Velho P.E.-Carta
2015Response To "the Correlation Between Modified Blood Pressure To Height Ratio And Age In Han Children"Mourato F.A.; Nadruz W.; Mattos S.S.-Carta
2011Inequities In Suicide Prevention In BrazilBertolote J.M.; Botega N.; De Leo D.-Carta
2015The Value Of Audiovisual ArchivesToledo L.F.; Tipp C.; Marquez R.-Carta
2011Slings: Why So Many? [cabestrillos: ¿por Qué Tantos?]Palma P.; Capmartin Salinas R.-Carta
2015Mir-708-5p Is Differentially Expressed In Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia But Not Strongly Associated To Clinical Featuresde Oliveira J.C.; Scrideli C.A.; Brassesco M.S.; Yunes J.A.; Brandalise S.R.; Tone L.G.-Carta
2015Reply: Primordial Odontogenic Tumour: It Is Truly NovelMosqueda-Taylor A.; Carlos-Bregni R.; Ramoa-Pires F.; Aguirre-Urizar J.M.; de Almeida O.P.-Carta
2011Deficit And Nondeficit Schizophrenia: Boundaries In QuestionDantas C.R.; Barros B.R.; Fernandes P.T.; Li L.M.; Banzato C.E.M.-Carta
2015Brooke-spiegler Syndrome Clinically Misdiagnosed As Neurofibromatosis Type 1Denadai R.; Stelini R.F.; Roberto W.M.; Raposo-Amaral C.A.; Raposo-Amaral C.E.-Carta
2011Identification Of The Mutations Associated With Hereditary Hyperferritinemia Cataract Syndrome And Hemochromatosis In A Brazilian FamilyMeneses F.G.A.; Schnabel B.; Silva I.D.C.G.; Alberto F.L.; Toma L.; Nader H.B.; Lopes C.C.-Carta
2014Brazil's New Laws Bug Collectors.Ribeiro D.B.; Freitas A.V.-Carta