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2016Correlation Of Crista Terminalis Thickness And Right Atrial Appendage Lobation: Implications On Arrhythmias And Atrial ThrombosisRissi; Renato; Marques; Maria Julia; Santo Neto; Humberto-Carta
2016Marine Island Biogeography. Response To Comment On ‘island Biogeography: Patterns Of Marine Shallow-water Organisms’Hachich N.F.; Bonsall M.B.; Arraut E.M.; Barneche D.R.; Lewinsohn T.M.; Floeter S.R.-Carta
2016Monocyte Phenotypic Aberrancies Are An Unfavorable Prognostic Factor In Patients With Myelodysplastic Syndromes And Low Ipss-r ScoresMetze; Konradin; Reis-Alves; Suiellen C.; Lorand-Metze; Irene-Carta
2017Comments On Manuscript: Vaginal Misoprostol Prior To Intrauterine Device Insertion In Women Delivered Only By Elective Cesarean Section: A Randomized Double-blind Clinical TrialBahamondes; Luis; Monteiro; Ilza-Carta
2016Impact Of Body Mass Index On The Accuracy Of N-terminal Pro-brain Natriuretic Peptide And Brain Natriuretic Peptide For Predicting Outcomes In Patients With Chronic Heart Failure And Reduced Ejection Fraction Insights From The Paradigm-hf Study (prospective Comparison Of Arni With Acei To Determine Impact On Global Mortality And Morbidity In Heart Failure Trial)Nadruz; Wilson; Claggett; Brian L.; McMurray; John J.; Packer; Milton; Zile; Michael R.; Rouleau; Jean L.; Desai; Akshay S.; Swedberg; Karl; Lefkowitz; Martin; Shi; Victor C.; Prescott; Margaret F.; Solomon; Scott D.-Carta
2016Brain Atrophy In Seizure-free Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Implications For Predicting PharmacoresistanceAlvim; Marina K. M.; Coan; Ana C.; Yasuda; Clarissa L.; Morita; Marcia E.; Cendes; Fernando-Carta
2016The Role Of Membrane Attack Complex Formation Against Gram-positive BacteriaAlves; L. A.; Freires; I. A.-Carta
2016The ‘qualis’ System (brazil) In An Interdisciplinary-ecological ContextBegossi A.-Carta
2016Correspondence: Reply To 'on The Nature Of Strong Piezoelectricity In Graphene On Sio2'Rodrigues; Goncalo da Cunha; Zelenovskiy; Pavel; Romanyuk; Konstantin; Luchkin; Sergey; Kopelevich; Yakov; Kholkin; Andrei-Carta
2016Lectotypifications And Taxonomic Changes In Brazilian Crotalaria L. (leguminosae)--Carta
2016Cochlear Implantation In Elderly AdultsPauna; HF; de Carvalho; GM; Guimaraes; AC-Carta
2016Oscillatory Electro-oxidation Of Methanol On Platinum Single Crystal Electrodes--Carta
2017Development Of Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia (pvl) In Oral Lichen Planus: Is It Not A Clinical Spectrum Of Pvl?Fernandes; Diego-Tetzner; Santos-Silva; Alan-Roger; Vargas; Pablo-Agustin; Lopes; Marcio-Ajudarte-Carta
2016Chimerism Interpretation With A Highly Sensitive Quantitative Pcr Method: 6 Months Median Latency Before Chimerism Drop Below 0.1%Vicente; D. C.; Laranjeira; A. B. A.; Miranda; E. C. M.; Yunes; J. A.; de Souza; C. A.-Carta
2017What To Expect From The 2017 Yellow Fever Outbreak In Brazil?Rossetto; Erika Valeska; Angerami; Rodrigo Nogueira; Luna; Expedito José de Albuquerque-Carta
2016Marine Island Biogeography. Response To Comment On 'island Biogeography: Patterns Of Marine Shallow-water Organisms'Hachich; Nayara F.; Bonsall; Michael B.; Arraut; Eduardo M.; Barneche; Diego R.; Lewinsohn; Thomas M.; Floeter; Sergio R.-Carta
2016Presence Of B-cell Precursors In Bone Marrow Is A Favorable Independent Prognostic Factor For Overall Survival In Patients With Myelodysplastic SyndromesMetze; Konradin; Reis-Alves; Suiellen C.; Lorand-Metze; Irene G. H.-Carta
2016Neurological Symptoms In A Case Of Acute Aortic DissectionZamilute; Igor Aloísio Garcez; Reis; Fabiano; Silva Junior; Nivaldo Adolfo; Cardoso; Tania Aparecida Marchiori de Oliveira; França; Wendy Caroline de Souza Costa-Carta
2016Disturbance Maintains Alternative Biome States.Dantas, Vinícius de L; Hirota, Marina; Oliveira, Rafael S; Pausas, Juli G-Carta
2016Could Clinical Symptoms Be A Predictor Of Complications In Zika Virus Infection?Ribas Freitas; Andre Ricardo; Napimoga; Marcelo Henrique; Donalisio; Maria Rita-Carta