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2017Parasitism Of Zatypota Riverai Gauld (hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae) On Anelosimus Baeza Agnarsson (araneae: Theridiidae) In Northeast Brazil, With A Description Of The MaleSobczak; Jober Fernando; Messas; Yuri Fanchini; De Padua; Diego Galvao-Carta
2016The Last Scream: The Distress Call Of A Probably Extinct Brazilian Anuran (holoaden Bradei Lutz, 1958)Martinelli; Amanda; Toledo; Luis Felipe-Carta
2014Response: Validating The Thoracolumbar Injury Classification And Severity ScoreJoaquim A.F.; Patel A.A.-Carta
2016Hansen's Disease: Descriptions Of Novel Ultrasonographic FindingsMendonca; Jose Alexandre; Provenza; Jose Roberto; de Mattos; Amilcar Castro; Ota; Fernanda Sayuri; Appenzeller; Simone-Carta
2017A New Phenotype Associated With Homozygous Grn Mutations: Complicated Spastic ParaplegiaFaber; I.; Prota; J. R. M.; Martinez; A. R. M.; Lopes-Cendes; I.; Franca Junior; M. C.-Carta
2016Interim Results From A Large Multinational Extension Trial (guardian (tm) 2) Using Turoctocog Alfa For Prophylaxis And Treatment Of Bleeding In Patients With Severe Haemophilia ALentz; S. R.; Cerqueira; M.; Janic; D.; Kempton; C.; Matytsina; I.; Misgav; M.; Oldenburg; J.; Ozelo; M.; Recht; M.; Rosholm; A.; Savic; A.; Suzuki; T.; Tiede; A.; Santagostino; E.-Carta
2009Arcanobacterium Pyogenes Sepsis In Farmer, BrazilLevy C.E.; Pedro R.J.; Von Nowakonski A.; Holanda L.M.; Brocchi M.; Ramos M.C.-Carta
2013Burst FracturesJoaquim A.F.; Patel A.A.-Carta
2016Desbuquois Dysplasia Type Ii In A Patient With A Homozygous Mutation In Xylt1 And New Unusual FindingsSilveira; Cynthia; Leal; Gabriela F.; Cavalcanti; Denise P.-Carta
2016Imbalance Between Proliferation And In Vitro Apoptosis Rates Predicts Progression In Chronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaLorand-Metze; Irene; Oliveira-Duarte; Gislaine B.; Metze; Konradin-Carta
2016Interactions Between Rad51 Rs1801321 And Maternal Cigarette Smoking As Risk Factor For Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip With Or Without Cleft PalateMachado; Renato Assis; Bertolossi Moreira; Helenara Salvati; de Aquino; Sibele Nascimento; Martelli-Junior; Hercilio; de Almeida Reis; Silvia Regina; Persuhn; Darlene Camati; Wu; Tao; Yuan; Yuan; Coletta; Ricardo D.-Carta
2016Reply To Letter To The Editor By J.-m. Kim Et Al. On "sexual Function And Quality Of Life In Women With Cervical Cancer Before Radiotherapy: A Pilot Study'' By Grion Et Al.Grion; R. C.; Baccaro; Luiz Francisco; Vaz; A. F.; Costa-Paiva; L.; Conde; D. M.; Pinto-Neto; A. M.-Carta
2016The 'qualis' System (brazil) In An Interdisciplinary-ecological Context.Begossi A.-Carta
2016Immunomodulation In Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus Subsets.Fogagnolo L; de Souza EM; Blotta MH; Senna CG; Silva CA; Cintra ML.-Carta
2016Neurological Symptoms In A Case Of Acute Aortic Dissection.Zamilute IA; Reis F; Silva Junior NA; Cardoso TA; França WC.-Carta
2016Association Of Bax G(-248)a And Bcl2 C(-717)a Polymorphisms With Outcome In Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Patients.Brito AB; Delamain MT; de Oliveira C; Fanelli MF; Soares FA; de Souza CA; Vassallo J; Lima CS.-Carta
2016On Xylem Hydraulic Efficiencies, Wood Space-use And The Safety-efficiency Tradeoff: Comment On Gleason Et al. (2016) 'weak Tradeoff Between Xylem Safety And Xylem-specific Hydraulic Efficiency Across The World's Woody Plant Species'.Bittencourt PR; Pereira L; Oliveira RS.-Carta
2016Correspondence: Reply To 'on The Nature Of Strong Piezoelectricity In Graphene On Sio2'Rodrigues; GD; Zelenovskiy; P; Romanyuk; K; Luchkin; S; Kopelevich; Y; Kholkin; A-Carta
2016Getting Useful Information From Rna-seq Contaminants: A Case Of Study In The Oil-collecting Bee Tetrapedia Diversipes TranscriptomeAraujo; Natalia de Souza; Zuntini; Alexandre Rizzo; Arias; Maria Cristina-Carta
2016The Role Of Membrane Attack Complex Formation Against Gram-positive BacteriaAlves; LA; Freires; IA-Carta