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1975The Invention Of The "nônio" [4]Chagas A.P.-Carta
2013Burst FracturesJoaquim A.F.; Patel A.A.-Carta
2012Sickle Cell Disease And Bartonella Spp. InfectionVelho P.E.N.F.; Ericson M.E.; Mair D.; Gupta K.-Carta
2009Goodness-of-fit Of The Fractal Dimension As A Prognostic FactorMetze K.; Lorand-Metze I.; Leite N.J.; Adam R.L.-Carta
2014Response: Validating The Thoracolumbar Injury Classification And Severity ScoreJoaquim A.F.; Patel A.A.-Carta
2009Arcanobacterium Pyogenes Sepsis In Farmer, BrazilLevy C.E.; Pedro R.J.; Von Nowakonski A.; Holanda L.M.; Brocchi M.; Ramos M.C.-Carta
1998Emerging Infectious Diseases In Brazil [7] (multiple Letters)Da Silva L.J.; Momem H.-Carta
2016Neurological Symptoms In A Case Of Acute Aortic Dissection.Zamilute IA; Reis F; Silva Junior NA; Cardoso TA; França WC.-Carta
1980Morphological Aspects Of Schistosoma Mansoni In Naturally Infected Holochilus Brasiliensis LeucogasterDias L.C.S.; Piedrabuena A.E.-Carta
1980Schistosoma Mansoni: Eggs With Two MiracidiaDias L.C.S.; Ribeiro O.B.-Carta
2012Breastfeeding Of Very Low-weight Infants Before And After Implementation Of The Baby-friendly Hospital InitiativePaes Pedras C.T.; Mezzacappa M.A.; da Costa-Pinto E.A.-Carta
2012Month Of Birth Does Not Seem To Interfere With The Development Of Multiple Sclerosis Later In Life In Brazilian PatientsFragoso Y.D.; Shearer K.D.; Adoni T.; Alves-Leon S.V.; Bidin Brooks J.B.; Comini-Frota E.R.; Damasceno A.; Damasceno B.; Peres Fiore A.P.; Baptista Giacomo M.C.; Gomes S.; Magno Gonalves M.V.; Kaimen-Maciel D.R.; Lin K.; Lopes J.; Lopes J.S.; Loureno G.; MacHado G.; Melges L.D.; De MacEdo Oliveira Morales N.; Rizo Morales R.; Moreira M.; Noal J.S.; Da Silva Oliveira C.L.; Papais-Alvarenga R.M.; Parolin M.; Batista Ribeiro J.; Flix Ribeiro S.B.; Ruocco H.; Siquineli F.-Carta
2012Skin Carotenoid Levels Are Not Associated With Risk Of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer: Response To Supplement Use And The Risk Of Cutaneous Squamous Cell CarcinomaCorey K.C.; Garshick M.K.; Dejsuphong V.; Lima X.T.; Kimball A.B.-Carta
1978Prevalence Of Malaria In Indians Of Xingu Indian Reservation (brazil)Dias L.C.S.; Baruzzi R.G.-Carta
1993What Makes Popcorn Pop [10]Da Silva W.J.; Vidal B.C.; Martins M.E.Q.; Vargas H.; Pereira C.; Zerbetto M.; Miranda L.C.M.-Carta
1993Hepatitis C Antibody (anti-hcv) Prevalence In Brazilian Patients With Sickle Cell Diseases [4]Arruda V.R.; Eid K.A.B.; Zen G.C.; Goncales N.S.; Saad S.T.O.; Costa F.F.-Carta
1979Regression Line That Starts At The Origin [1]Strong III F.C.-Carta
1993Successful Immunosuppressive Treatment Of High-titer Postpartum Factor Viii Inhibitor [3]Annichino-Bizzacchi J.M.; Machado T.F.G.S.; Arruda V.R.-Carta
1993Hemostasis In Blood Donors With Hepatitis C VirusAnnichino-Bizzacchi J.M.; Ribeiro C.C.; Gallizzoni A.M.; Silva V.M.A.; Bocatto R.S.B.S.; Goncales Jr. F.L.-Carta
2012Functional Studies Of Cyp21a2 Mutants Complement Structural And Clinical Predictions Of Disease Severity In CahBarbaro M.; Soardi F.C.; De Mello M.P.; Wedell A.; Lajic S.-Carta