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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016The New Global Political Economy: From Crisis To Supranational IntegrationLoureiro; Pedro Mendes-Book
2016Reviving Ancient Chinese Mathematics: Mathematics, History And Politics In The Work Of Wu Wen-tsunD'Ambrosio; Ubiratan-Book
2016The Oxford Handbook Of Food HistoryNadler; Wanessa Asfora-Book
2016Feminism And Politics: An IntroductionBarreiro; Alex-Book
2016Heritage Of Portuguese Influence: Ways Of LookingPecora; Alcir-Book
201624/7. Late Capitalism And The End Of The DreamQueiroz; Luciana Molina-Book
2016Public Procurement For InnovationPamplona da Costa; Janaina Oliveira-Book
2016Game And Education: The Toy LibrariesGrillo; Rogerio de Melo; Prodocimo; Elaine-Book
2016Language And Identity In EnglishesRajagopalan; K.-Book
2016Books And Periodicals In Brazil 1768-1930: A Transatlantic PerspectiveLevin; Orna-Book
2016Post-colonial Criticism: Panorama Of Contemporary ReadingsRoxo da Motta; Pedro Mourao; de Barros; Nelson Filice-Book
2016Post-translational Modifications And Rna-binding ProteinsLovci; Michael T.; Bengtson; Mario H.; Massirer; Katlin B.-Book
2016Treating Addiction: Perspectives From Eeg And Imaging Studies On PsychedelicsTofoli; L. F.; de Araujo; D. B.-Book
2016Control Of Nitrogen Assimilation In Plants Through S-nitrosothiolsFrungillo; Lucas; Spoel; Steven H.; Salgado; Ione-Book
2017Art And Nihilism. Nietzsche And The Enigma Of The Worldde Paula; Wander Andrade-Book
2016Impact Craters In South AmericaCrosta; Alvaro P.; Reimold; Wolf Uwe-Book
2017Social Epidemiology. A Legacy Of Cecilia DonnangeloL'Abbate; Solange-Book
2016Slavery And Forced Migration In The Antebellum SouthOliveira; Joice-Book
2016Popular Anatomies. The Medical Anthropology By Martin Alberto Ibanes-novionCanesqui; Ana Maria-Book
2016Constructivity And Computability In Historical And Philosophical PerspectiveCarnielli; Walter-Book