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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2013A Survey On Dental Undergraduates’ Knowledge Of Oral RadiologyKarla de Faria Vasconcelos; Karla Rovaris; Naiara de Paula Ferreira; Francisco Haiter Neto-Article
2011Quality Of Life And Selfperceived Oral Health Among Workers From A Furniture IndustryCristina Gomes de Macedo; Dagmar de Paula Queluz-Article
2014Oblique Or Orthoradial Cbct Slices For Preoperative Implant Planning: Which One Is More AccurateTaruska Ventorini Vasconcelos; Anne Caroline Costa Oenning; Solange Maria de Almeida; Deborah Queiroz Freitas-Article
2014Comparative Evaluation Of Pushout Bond Strength Of A Mtabased Root Canal SealerFlávia Saavedra-Article
2013Cost Analysis Of Materials Used In Class Iii Iv And V Composite Resin RestorationsEduardo Hebling; Dagmar de Paula Queluz-Article
2013Bulk And Surface Properties Related To Composite Filler SizeMário Alexandre Coelho Sinhoreti-Article
2013Biomechanical Analysis On Different Fixation Techniques For Treatment Of Mandibular Body FracturesMarcela Ribeiro; Andrezza Lauria; Fábio Ricardo Loureiro Sato; Roger William Fernandes Moreira-Article
2012Shear Bond Strength Of Nanofilled Flowable Resins Used For Indirect Bracket BondingLourenço Correr Sobrinho-Article
2012Role Of Periodontics In The Treatment To Traumatized Teeth: A 4year Retrospective EvaluationFrancisco José de Souza Filho-Article
2013Legal Analysis Of The Information Contained In Dental Plaster PacksRachel Lima Ribeiro Tinoco-Article
2010Medical And Dental Absenteeism In Workers From A Furniture Industry In Itatiba Sp BrazilDagmar de Paula Queluz-Article
2003Incidence And Treatment Of Furcation Involvements In A Brazilian Dental School Epidemiologic DataAntonio Wilson Sallum; Renato de Vasconcelos Alves; Luciana Machion; Márcio Zaffalon Casati; Emerson José Sallum; Enilson Antonio Sallum-Article
2003Uncommon Histopathological Oral Findings In An Autopsied Infant With Cystic FibrosisEduardo Rodrigues Fregnani; Ana Lúcia Carrinho Ayrosa Rangel; Fábio Augusto Ito; Pablo Agustin Vargas-Article
2004Salivary Biotypes Of Mutans Streptococci Levels In Schoolchildren Aging 68 Year Old Having A Socioeconomic BaseJosé Francisco Höfling; Reginaldo Bruno Gonçalves-Article
2003Polymorphisms In The Il1a And Il1b Genes Are Not Associated With Susceptibility To Chronic Periodontitis In A Brazilian PopulationRui B. Brito Junior; Antonio W. Sallum; Sergio R. P. Line-Article
2003Dental Caries Status In Deciduous And Permanent Dentition Of Brazilian Children Aged 68 Years With A Socioeconomic BaseJosé F. Höfling-Article
2003Absence Of Mutations In The Promoter Region Of The Lef1 Gene In Patients With HypodontiaElisângela R. Silva; Regina C. R. Peres; Ferdinando De Conto; Sergio R. P. Line-Article
2013A Multiparametric Assay To Compare The Cytotoxicity Of Different Storage Media For Avulsed TeethEmmanuel João Nogueira Leal Silva; Alexandre Augusto Zaia-Article
2011Permeability Roughness And Topography Of Enamel After Bleaching: Tracking Channels Of Penetration With Silver NitrateLucas Zago Naves; Lucas Zago Naves; Lourenço Correr-Sobrinho-Article
2013Preemployment Exam Analysis Of A Military Company And Its Relation To Oral HealthThaís Richter de Araújo; Dagmar de Paula Queluz-Article