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2009Structural And Biological Characterization Of Two Crotamine Isoforms Iv-2 And Iv-3 Isolated From The Crotalus Durissus Cumanensis Venom (protein Journal (2007) 26, 8, (533-540) Doi: 10.1007/s10930-007-9094-z)Ponce-Soto L.A.; Martins-De-Souza D.; Novello J.C.; Marangoni S.-Errata
2009Erratum: Moduli Spaces Of Self-dual Connections Over Asymptotically Locally Flat Gravitational Instantons (communications In Mathematical Physics (2008) 280 (285-313) Doi: 10.1007/s00220-008-0466-9)Etesi G.; Jardim M.-Errata
2005Erratum: Phase Equilibrium In Aqueous Two-phase Systems Containing Ethylene Oxide-propylene Oxide Block Copolymers And Dextran (fluid Phase Equilibria (2004) 218 (221-228) Doi: 10.1016/j.fluid.2004.01.001)Dos Santos Tada E.; Loh W.; De Alcantara Pessoa-Filho P.-Errata
2005Erratum: Clifford Valued Differential Forms, And Some Issues In Gravitation, Electromagnetism And "unified" Theories (international Journal Of Modern Physics D (2004) 13:9 (1879-1915))Rodrigues Jr. W.A.; De Oliveira E.C.-Errata
2005Erratum: Dotted And Undotted Algebraic Spinor Fields In General Relativity (international Journal Of Modern Physics D (2004) 13:8 (1637-1659))De Oliveira E.C.; Rodrigues Jr. W.A.-Errata
2005Erratum: The Africanized Honey Bee Dispersal: A Mathematical Zoom (bulletin Of Mathematical Biolgy (2005) 67 (281-312) Pii: S0092-8240(04)00083-7 And Doi: 10.1016/j.bulm.2004.07.006)Mistro D.C.; Diaz Rodrigues L.A.; Castro Ferreira Jr. W.-Errata
2005Erratum: Lack Of Mutation In Exon 10 Of P53 Gene In Thyroid Tumors (revista Medica De Chile (2004) 132 (1513-1516))Santarosa P.L.; Granja F.; Morari E.C.; Leite J.L.; Da Assumpcao L.V.M.; Ward L.S.-Errata
2009Erratum To "the Ricean Objection: An Analogue Of Rice's Theorem For First-order Theories"Oliveira I.C.; Carnielli W.-Errata
2009Chicken Dapper Genes Are Versatile Markers For Mesodermal Tissues, Embryonic Muscle Stem Cells, Neural Crest Cells, And Neurogenic Placodes (developmental Dynamics (2009) 238, (1166-1178))Alvares L.E.; Winterbottom F.L.; Jorge E.C.; Sobreira D.R.; Xavier-Neto J.; Schubert F.R.; Dietrich S.-Errata
2009Corrigendum To "cellular Growth During Transient Directional Solidification Of Hypoeutectic Al-fe Alloys" [j. Alloys Compd. 470 (2009) 589-599] (doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2008.03.026)Goulart P.R.; Cruz K.S.; Spinelli J.E.; Ferreira I.L.; Cheung N.; Garcia A.-Errata
2011Erratum To "lung Diffusing Capacity Relates Better To Short-term Progression On Hrct Abnormalities Than Spirometry In Mild Asbestosis"Nogueira C.R.; Napolis L.M.; Bagatin E.; Terra-Filho M.; Muller N.L.; Silva C.I.S.; Rodrigues R.T.; Neder J.A.; Nery L.E.-Errata
2011Erratum: Optical Recording Mechanisms In Undoped Titanosillenite Crystals (journal Of Applied Physics (2011) 109 (024901))Jerez V.; De Oliveira I.; Frejlich J.-Errata
2011A Note On "a Branch-and-prune Algorithm For The Molecular Distance Geometry Problem"Lavor C.; Liberti L.; Maculan N.-Errata
2015Erratum: Methylene Blue Intercalated Into Calcium Phosphate E Electrochemical Properties And Ascorbic Acid Oxidation Study (solid State Sciences (2008) 10 (1139-1144))Lazarin A.M.; Airoldi C.-Errata
2015Erratum: Density, Refraction Index And (vapor + Liquid) Equilibria Of N-methyl-2-hydroxyethylammonium Butyrate Plus (methyl Acetate Or Ethyl Acetate Or Propyl Acetate) At Several Temperatures (journal Of Chemical Thermodynamics (2013) 62 130-141)Alvarez V.H.; Mattedi S.; Aznar M.-Errata
2015Corrigendum To "calorimetric Data On Intercalation Of Some Aromatic Amines Into Barium Phenylphosphonate At The Solid/liquid Interface" [j. Chem. Thermodyn. 37 (2005) 243-248]Lazarin A.M.; Airoldi C.-Errata
2014Erratum: A Sampling Theorem For Rotation Numbers Of Linear Processes In ℝ2 (random Operators And Stochastic Equations (2000) 8:2 (175-188))Ruffino P.R.-Errata
2014Erratum: Higher Order Averaging Theory For Finding Periodic Solutions Via Brouwer Degree (nonlinearity (2014) 27 (563))Llibre J.; Novaes D.D.; Teixeira M.A.-Errata
2014Erratum: A Study On Analytic Parametrizations For Proton-proton Cross-sections And Asymptotia (journal Of Physics G: Nuclear And Particle Physics (2014) 41:1 (019501) Doi: 10.1088/0954-3899/41/1/019501))Menon M.J.; Silva P.V.R.G.-Errata
2014Correction: Caryocar Brasiliense Supercritical Co2 Extract Possesses Antimicrobial And Antioxidant Properties Useful For Personal Care Products [bmc Complement Altern Med, 14, 73, (2014)]Amaral L.F.B.; Moriel P.; Foglio M.A.; Mazzola P.G.-Errata