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2010Targeted Antitumoral Dehydrocrotonin Nanoparticles With L-ascorbic Acid 6-stearate (journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2009) 98 (4796-4807))Frungillo L.; Martins D.; Teixeira S.; Anazetti M.C.; Melo P.D.S.; Duran N.-Errata
2010Erratum: Investigation Of The First-order Metamagnetic Transitions And The Colossal Magnetocaloric Effect Using A Landau Expansion Applied To Mnas Compound (the European Physical Journal B (2009) 68 (67))Carvalho A.M.G.; Coelho A.A.; Gama S.; Gandra F.C.G.; Von Ranke P.J.; De Oliveira N.A.-Errata
2010Erratum: Absence Of Ferromagnetic Order In High Quality Bulk Co-doped Zno Samples (journal Of Applied Physics (2010) 108 (033914))De Carvalho H.B.; De Godoy M.P.F.; Paes R.W.D.; Mir M.; Ortiz De Zevallos A.; Iikawa F.; Brasil M.J.S.P.; Chitta V.A.; Ferraz W.B.; Boselli M.A.; Sabioni A.C.S.-Errata
2013Erratum: Applications Of A Granular Model And Percolation Theory To The Electrical Resistivity Of Heat Treated Endocarp Of Babassu Nut (carbon (1987) 25:3 (417-424))Emmerich F.G.; De Sousa J.C.; Torriani I.L.; Luengo C.A.-Errata
2012Erratum: Phenotypical And Functional Analysis Of Intraepithelial Lymphocytes From Small Intestine Of Mice In Oral Tolerance (clinical And Developmental Immunology)Ruberti M.; Fernandes L.G.R.; Simioni P.U.; Gabriel D.L.; Yamada A.T.; Tamashiro W.M.D.S.C.-Errata
2012Erratum: New Fir Laser Lines And Frequency Measurements From Optically Pumped 13cd 3oh 3 (international Journal Of Infrared And Millimeter Waves (1991) 12:12 Doi: 10.1007/bf01883880)Moraes J.C.S.; Telles E.M.; Cruz F.C.; Scalabrin A.; Pereira D.; Carelli G.; Ioli N.; Moretti A.; Strumia F.-Errata
2010Erratum: Determination Of Degree Of Polymerization Of Insulating Paper Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy And Multivariate Calibration (vibrational Spectroscopy (2010) 52 (154-157))Dos Santos E.O.; Silva A.M.S.; Fragoso W.D.; Pasquini C.; Pimentel M.F.-Errata
2012Erratum: Model For Domain Wall Avalanches In Ferromagnetic Thin Films [physica A: Statistical Mechanics And Its Application (2011) 390 (4192-4197))Buceta R.C.; Muraca D.-Errata
2012Erratum: Validation Of Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopic Measurement Of Cerebral Blood Flow Using Phase-encoded Velocity Mapping Magnetic Resonance ImagingBuckley E.M.; Hance D.; Pawlowski T.; Lynch J.; Wilson F.B.; Mesquita R.C.; Durduran T.; Diaz L.K.; Putt M.E.; Licht D.J.; Fogel M.A.; Yodh A.G.-Errata
2012Erratum: Pseudogap In High-temperature Superconductors From Realistic Fr̈ohlich And Coulomb Interactions (europhysics Letters (epl) (2012) 100 (37005))Sica G.; Samson J.H.; Alexandrov A.S.-Errata
1991Erratum: Magnetic Monopoles Without String In The Kähler-clifford Algebra Bundle: A Geometrical Interpretation (journal Of Mathematical Physics (1990) 31 (502))Maia Jr. A.; Recami E.; Rodrigues Jr. W.A.; Rosa M.A.F.-Errata
2008(revista Brasileira De Medicina (2008) 65, 4)Ribeiro R.R.-Errata
2008Guidelines In Cryptococcosis - 2008 (revista Da Sociedad Brasileira De Medicina Tropical 41, 5 (254))Moretti M.L.; Resende M.R.; Lazera M.D.S.; Colombo A.L.; Shikanai-Yasuda M.A.-Errata
2007Erratum: Effects Of Gamma Radiation On β-lactoglobulin: Oligomerization And Aggregation (biopolymers (2007) 85:3 (284-294) Doi: 10.1002/bip.20793)Oliveira C.L.P.; De La Hoz L.; Silva J.C.; Torriani I.L.; Netto F.M.-Errata
2011Erratum: Thermoelastic Analysis Of A Silicon Surface Under X-ray Free-electron-laser Irradiation (review Of Scientific Instruments (2010) 81 (073102))De Castro A.R.B.; Vasconcellos A.R.; Luzzi R.-Errata
2011Erratum: The Application Of Computational Thermodynamics And A Numerical Model For The Determination Of Surface Tension And Gibbs-thomson Coefficient Of Aluminum Based Alloys (thermochimica Acta (2011) 523 (142-149))Jacome P.A.D.; Landim M.C.; Garcia A.; Furtado A.F.; Ferreira I.L.-Errata
2011Erratum: Implementation Of Pseudopotential In The G3 Theory For Molecules Containing First-, Second-, And Non-transition Third-row Atoms (journal Of Chemical Physics (2011) 135 (034106))Pereira D.H.; Ramos A.F.; Morgon N.H.; Custodio R.-Errata
2011Corrigendum To "effect Of The Synthetic Coumarin, Ethyl 2-oxo-2h-chromene-3-carboxylate, On Activity Of Crotalus Durissus Ruruima Spla2 As Well As On Edema And Platelet Aggregation Induced By This Factor" [toxicon 55 (8) (2010) 1527-1530]Fonsecae F.V.; Baldissera L.; Camargo E.A.; Antunes E.; Diz Filho E.B.S.; Correa A.G.; Beriam L.O.S.; Toyama D.O.; Cotrim C.A.; Alvim J.; Toyama M.H.-Errata
2011Erratum: Performance Of Modified Montmorillonite Clay In Mercury Adsorption Process And Thermodynamic Studies (inorganic Chemistry Communications (2007) 11 (20-23))Guerra D.L.; Airoldi C.; Viana R.R.-Errata
2008Erratum: Magnetism In Gd-w Films (journal Of Applied Physics (2008) 103 (093916))Gadioli G.Z.; Rouxinol F.P.; Gelamo R.V.; Dos Santos A.O.; Cardoso L.P.; Bica De Moraes M.A.-Errata