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2017Integrated Extraction Process To Obtain Bioactive Extracts Of Artemisia Annua L. Leaves Using Supercritical Co2, Ethanol And WaterMartinez-Correa; Hugo A.; Bitencourt; Raphaela G.; Kayano; Ana Carolina A. V.; Magalhaes; Pedro M.; Costa; Fabio T. M.; Cabral; Fernando A.-Artigo
2016Effect Of Ultrasound On The Supercritical Co2 Extraction Of Bioactive Compounds From Dedo De Moca Pepper (capsicum Baccatum L. Var. Pendulum)Baiao Dias; Arthur Luiz; Arroio Sergio; Camilla Scarelli; Santos; Philipe; Barbero; Gerardo Fernandez; Rezende; Camila Alves; Martinez; Julian-Artigo
2016Influence Of Ethanol, Water, And Their Mixtures As Co-solvents Of The Supercritical Carbon Dioxide In The Extraction Of Phenolics From Purple Corn Cob (zea Mays L.)Monroy; Yaneth M.; Rodrigues; Rodney A. F.; Sartoratto; Adilson; Cabral; Fernando A.-Artigo
2017Lycopene-rich Avocado Oil Obtained By Simultaneous Supercritical Extraction From Avocado Pulp And Tomato PomaceBarros; Helena D. F. Q.; Grimaldi; Renato; Cabral; Fernando A.-Artigo
2017Extraction Of Edible Avocado Oil Using Supercritical Co2 And A Co2/ethanol Mixture As SolventsCorzzini; Sayuri C. S.; Barros; Helena D. F. Q.; Grimaldi; Renato; Cabral; Fernando A.-Artigo
2015Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Of Capsaicinoids From Malagueta Pepper (capsicum Frutescens L.) Assisted By Ultrasound.Santos, Philipe; Aguiar, Ana C; Barbero, Gerardo F; Rezende, Camila A; Martínez, Julian-Artigo de periódico