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2017A New Type Of Magnetocaloric Composite Based On Conductive Polymer And Magnetocaloric CompoundImamura; W.; Coelho; A. A.; Kupfer; V. L.; Carvalho; A. M. G.; Zago; J. G.; Rinaldi; A. W.; Favaro; S. L.; Alves; C. S.-Artigo
2017Structural And Magnetic Phase Transition Observed In The Ycro3+gamma CompoundFabian, F. A.; Moura, K. O.; Barbosa, C. C. S.; Peixoto, E. B.; Garcia, F.; Duque, J. G. S.; Meneses, C. T-Artigo
2016Reversal Magnetization Dependence With The Cr And Fe Oxidation States In Yfe1-xcrxo3 (0 <= X <= 1) PerovskitesFabian, F. A.; Pedra, P. P.; Moura, K. O.; Duque, J. G. S.; Meneses, C. T.-Artigo
2016Magnetocaloric Functional Properties Of Sm0.6sr0.4mno3 Manganite Due To Advanced Nanostructured MorphologyAndrade, V. M.; Pedro, S. S.; Caraballo Vivas, R. J.; Rocco, D. L.; Reis, M. S.; Campos, A. P. C.; Coelho, A. A.; Escote, M.; Zenatti, A.; Rossi, A. L.-Artigo
2016Physical Properties Of Sr2feiro6 And Sr1.2la0.8feiro6 Double Perovskites Obtained By A New Synthesis RouteBufaical, Leandro; Coutrim, Leandro T.; Santos, Tatiane O.; Terashita, Hirotoshi; Jesus, Camilo B. R.; Pagliuso, Pascoal G.; Bittar, Eduardo M.-Artigo
2016Experimental Evidences Of Enhanced Magnetocaloric Properties At Room Temperature And Half-metallicity On Fe2mnsi-based Heusler AlloysCaraballo Vivas, R. J.; Pedro, S. S.; Cruz, C.; Tedesco, J. C. G.; Coelho, A. A.; Carvalho, A. Magnus G.; Rocco, D. L.; Reis, M. S.-Artigo