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2016Severely Deformed Zk60 + 2.5% Mm Alloy For Hydrogen Storage Produced By Two Different Processing RoutesSoyama J.; Floriano R.; Leiva D.R.; Guo Y.; Jorge Junior A.M.; Pereira Da Silva E.; Pinto H.C.; Bolfarini C.; Kiminami C.S.; Botta W.J.-Artigo
2016Severely Deformed Zk60+2.5% Mm Alloy For Hydrogen Storage Produced By Two Different Processing RoutesSoyama; Juliano; Floriano; Ricardo; Leiva; Daniel Rodrigo; Guo; Yaofeng; Jorge Junior; Alberto Moreira; da Silva; Erenilton Pereira; Pinto; Haroldo Cavalcanti; Bolfarini; Claudemiro; Kiminami; Claudio Shyinti; Botta; Walter Jose-Artigo
2017Processing Of Mgh2 By Extensive Cold Rolling Under Protective AtmosphereMarquez; Jose J.; Soyama; Juliano; Silva; Rafael de Araujo; Leiva; Daniel R.; Floriano; Ricardo; Ishikawa; Tomaz T.; Kiminami; Claudio S.; Botta; Walter J.-Artigo
2017Iron And Niobium Based Additives In Magnesium Hydride: Microstructure And Hydrogen Storage PropertiesFloriano; R.; Deledda; S.; Hauback; B. C.; Leiva; D. R.; Botta; W. J.-Artigo
2016Controlled 3d Carbon Nanotube Structures By Plasma WeldingOzden; S; Brunetto; G; Karthiselva; NS; Galvao; DS; Roy; A; Bakshi; SR; Tiwary; CS; Ajayan; PM-Artigo de Periódico
2016Mg-based Nanocomposites For Hydrogen Storage Containing Ti-cr-v Alloys As AdditivesFloriano; Ricardo; Leiva; Daniel Rodrigo; Dessi; Joao Guilherme; Cesario Asselli; Alexandre Augusto; Jorge Junior; Alberto Moreira; Botta; Walter Jose-Congresso