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2019Formation and stability of W/O-high internal phase emulsions (HIPEs) and derived O/W emulsions stabilized by PGPR and lecithinOkuro, Paula K.; Gomes, Andresa; Costa, Ana Leticia R.; Adame, Matheus A.; Cunha, Rosiane L.-Artigo
2018Structuration of lipid bases with fully hydrogenated crambe oil and sorbitan monostearate for obtaining zero-trans/low sat fatsStahl, Marcella Aparecida; Buscato, Monise Helen Masuchi; Grimaldi, Renato; Cardoso, Lisandro Pavie; Ribeiro, Ana Paula Badan-Artigo
2020Impact of whey protein/surfactant mixture and oil type on the gastrointestinal fate of emulsions: ingredient engineeringGomes, A.; Costa, A. L. R.; Cardoso, D. D.; Furtado, G. D. F.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2018Impact of oil type and WPI/Tween 80 ratio at the oil-water interface: adsorption, interfacial rheology and emulsion featuresGomes, A.; Costa, A.L.R.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2019Nanostructured lipid carriers loaded with free phytosterols for food applicationsSantos, V. D.; Braz, B. B.; Silva, A. A.; Cardoso, L. P.; Ribeiro, A. P. B.; Santana, M. H. A.-Artigo
2010Soybean and sunflower oil‐induced insulin resistance correlates with impaired GLUT4 protein expression and translocation specifically in white adipose tissuePoletto, Ana Cláudia; Anhê, Gabriel Forato; Eichler, Paula; Takahashi, Hilton Kenji; Furuya, Daniela Tomie; Okamoto, Maristela Mitiko; Curi, Rui; Machado, Ubiratan Fabres-Artigo
2009Effect of solvent hydration and temperature in the deacidificationprocess of sunflower oil using ethanolCuevas, Maitê S.; Rodrigues, Christianne E. C.; Meirelles, Antonio J. A.-Artigo
2016In Vitro Mutagenicity Assay (ames Test) And Phytochemical Characterization Of Seeds Oil Of Helianthus Annuus Linne (sunflower)Oliveira, Nelma de Mello Silva; Resende, Marielly Reis; Morales, Daniel Alexandre; Umbuzeiro, Gisela de Aragão; Boriollo, Marcelo Fabiano Gomes-Artigo
2015Effects of ultrasound treatment, UV irradiation and avishan-e-Denaei essential oil on oxidative stability of sunflower oilHashemi, Seyed Mohammad Bagher; Khaneghah, Amin Mousavi; Tavakolpour, Yoosef; Asnaashari, Maryam; mehr, Hamed Mahdavian-Artigo