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2019Supercritical CO2 extraction of α-/β-amyrin from uvaia (eugenia pyriformis cambess.) : effects of pressure and co-solvent additionKlein, Elissandro Jair; Nathia-Neves, Grazielle; Vardanega, Renata; Meireles, M. Angela A.; da Silva, Edson Antonio; Adeodato Vieira, Melissa Gurgel-Artigo
2019Selective extraction of bioactive compounds from annatto seeds by sequential supercritical CO2 processVardanega, Renata; Nogueira, Gislaine C.; Nascimento, Carla D. O.; Faria-Machado, Adelia F.; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2014Study of recovery of fermentable sugars with subcritical water and carbon dioxide from palm fiber and grape seedRostagno, Mauricio Ariel; Prado, Juliana M.; Vardanega, Renata; Forster-Carneiro, Tânia; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2019Techno-economic evaluation of artemisinin extraction from artemisia annua l. using supercritical carbon dioxideRodrigues, Michelle F. F.; Sousa, Ilza M. O.; Vardanega, Renata; Nogueira, Gislaine C.; Meireles, M. Angela A.; Foglio, Mary Ann; Marchese, Jose A.-Artigo
2020Supercritical CO2 processing of a functional beverage containing apple juice and aqueous extract of pfaffia glomerata roots: fructooligosaccharides chemical stability after non-thermal and thermal treatmentsSilva, Eric Keven; Bargas, Matheus A.; Arruda, Henrique S.; Vardanega, Renata; Pastore, Glaucia M.; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2014Intensification of bioactive compounds extraction from medicinal plants using ultrasonic irradiationVardanega, Renata; Santos, Diego T.; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2017Valorization of residual biomasses from the agri-food industry by subcritical water hydrolysis assisted by CO2Prado, Juliana M.; Vardanega, Renata; Nogueira, Gislaine C.; Forster-Carneiro, Tânia; Rostagno, Mauricio A.; Maugeri Filho, Francisco; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2018Identification and quantification of genipin and geniposide from Genipa americana L. by HPLC-DAD using a fused-core columnNáthaia-Neves, Grazielle; Nogueira, Gislaine Chystina; Vardanega, Renata; Meireles, Maria Angela de Almeida-Artigo
2019Obtaining functional powder tea from brazilian ginseng roots : effects of freeze and spray drying processes on chemical and nutritional quality, morphological and redispersion propertiesVardanega, Renata; Muzio, Aline F. V.; Silva, Eric Keven; Prata, Ana Silvia; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2020Biorefinery of turmeric (curcuma longa l.) using non-thermal and clean emerging technologies: an update on the curcumin recovery stepNeves, Maria Isabel Landim; Strieder, Monique Martins; Vardanega, Renata; Silva, Eric Keven; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo