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2019Oral streptococci show diversity in resistance to complement immunityAlves, Livia A.; de Carli, Thais R.; Harth-Chu, Erika N.; Mariano, Flavia S.; Hofling, Jose F.; Stipp, Rafael N.; Mattos-Graner, Renata O.-Artigo
2014Two-component system vicrk regulates functions associated with establishment of streptococcus sanguinis in biofilmsMoraes, Julianna J.; Stipp, Rafael N.; Harth-Chu, Erika N.; Camargo, Tarsila M.; Höfling, José F.; Mattos-Graner, Renata O.-Artigo
2016Insights into the virulence traits of streptococcus mutans in dentine carious lesions of children with early childhood cariesBezerra, Daniela S.; Stipp, Rafael N.; Neves, Beatriz G.; Guedes, Sarah F. F.; Nascimento, Marcelle M.; Rodrigues, Lidiany K. A.-Artigo
2016CovR regulates Streptococcus mutans susceptibility to complement immunity and survival in bloodAlves, Lívia A.; Nomura, Ryota; Mariano, Flávia S.; Harth-Chu, Erika N.; Stipp, Rafael N.; Nakano, Kazuhiko; Mattos-Graner, Renata O.-Artigo
2016Oral cavities of healthy infants harbour high proportions of Streptococcus salivarius strains with phenotypic and genotypic resistance to multiple classes of antibioticsPalma, Thaís H.; Harth-Chú, Erika N.; Scott, Jodie; Stipp, Rafael N.; Boisvert, Heike; Salomão, Mariana F.; Theobaldo, Jéssica D.; Possobon, Rosana F.; Nascimento, Leandro C.; McCafferty, Jonathan W.; Faller, Lina; Duncan, Margaret J.; Mattos-Graner, Renata O.-Artigo
2017The two-component system VicRK regulates functions associated with Streptococcus mutans resistance to complement immunityAlves, Livia A.; Harth‐Chu, Erika N.; Palma, Thais H.; Stipp, Rafael N.; Mariano, Flávia S.; Höfling, José F.; Abranches, Jacqueline; Mattos‐Graner, Renata O.-Artigo