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2012Image compression impact on quantitative angiogenesis analysis of ovarian epithelial neoplasmsNicolosi, J.S.; Sarian, L.O.Z.; Yoshida, A.O.; Silva, C.A.M.; Schenka, A.A.; Vassallo, J.; Andrade, L.A.L.A.; Derchain, S.F.M.-Artigo
2006p63 and CD10: reliable markers in discriminating benign sclerosing lesions from tubular carcinoma of the breast?Schenka, N.G.D.; Schenka, A.A.; Vassallo, J.; Alvarenga, M.; Queiroz, L.S.; Matsura, M.A.-Artigo
2007Loss-of-function mutation in Toll-like receptor 4 prevents diet-induced obesity and insulin resistanceTsukumo, D.M.L.; Carvalho, M.A.; Araujo, E.P.; Vassallo, J.; Schenka, A.A.; Hirabara, S.M.; Prada, P.O.; Carvalheira, J.B.C.; Velloso, L.A.; Saad, M.J.A.; Curi, R.-Artigo
2013Airway exposure to staphylococcal enterotoxin a potentiates allergen-induced bone marrow eosinophilia and trafficking to peripheral blood and airwaysAnhe, G.F.; Schenka, A.A.; Pissinatti, L.; Mello, G.C.; Squebola-Cola, D.M.; Souza, I.A. de; Antunes, E.; Condino-Neto, A.-Artigo
2014Use of a novel polyvinyl alcohol membrane as a pericardial substitute reduces adhesion formation and inflammatory response after cardiac reoperationSchenka, A.A.; Severino, E.S.B.D.; Silveira, L.M.; Vilarinho, K.A.D.; Bavaresco, V.P.; Oliveira, P.P.M. de; Petrucci, O.-Artigo
1-Sep-1999Role of the hippocampus in contextual memory after classical aversive conditioning in pigeons (C. livia)Reis, F.; Schenka, A.A.; Melo, L.L.; Ferrari, E.A.M.-Artigo de periódico
1-Jul-2009Comparison of blood neoangiogenesis and lymphatic vascularization in colorectal adenomas from patients with and without concomitant colorectal cancerMoreira, L.R.; Schenka, A.A.; Latuf Filho, P.; Lima, C.S.P.; Trevisan, M.A.S.; Vassallo, J.-Artigo de periódico
2011Characterization of the urinary bladder dysfunction in renovascular hypertensive ratsRamos, A.C.S.; Bau, F.R.; Monica, F.Z.T.; Franco-Penteado, C.F.; Rojas-Moscoso, J.A.; Antunes, E.; Schenka, A.A.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2005Central neurocytoma: report of two casesBorges, G.; Carelli, E.F.; Pereira, H.C.; Fernandes, Y.B.; Bonilha, L.; Zanardi, V.A.; Roma, M.F.; Queiroz, L.S.; Schenka, A.A.; Netto, J.R.M.-Artigo
2012Modulation of gut microbiota by antibiotics improves insulin signalling in high-fat fed miceCarvalheira, J.B.C.; Guadagnini, D.; Dias, J.C.; Vassallo, J.; Latuf, P.; Schenka, A.A.; Tsukumo, D.M.L.; Kubota, L.T.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
2007L-glutamine supplementation induces insulin resistance in adipose tissue and improves insulin signalling in liver and muscle of rats with diet-induced obesityPrada, P.O.; Vassallo, J.; Zecchin, H.G.; Souza, C.T. de; Hirabara, S.M.; Velloso, L.A.; Saad, M.J.; Curi, R.; Carvalheira, J.B.C.; Schenka, A.A.; Carneiro, E.-Artigo
2008Diagnostic value of combining immunostaining for CD3 and nuclear morphometry in mycosis fungoidesCintra, M.L.; Lira, M.; Magna, L.A.; Brousset, P.; Schenka, A.A.; Vassallo, J.; De Souza, E.M.; Cotta, A.C.-Artigo
2005CD4(+) T cells downregulate Bcl-2 in germinal centersSchenka, A.A.; Delsol, G.; Muller, S.; Vassallo, J.; Capila, F.; Valitutti, S.; Brousset, P.; Fournie, J.J.-Artigo
2012Immunohistochemical and functional characterization of nitric oxide signaling pathway in isolated aorta from Crotalus durissus terrificusCogo, J.C.; Porto, M.; Monica, F.Z.; Rojas-Moscoso, J.; De Nucci, G.; Antunes, E.; Schenka, A.A.-Artigo
2011Immunohistochemical analysis of vascular density and area in colorectal carcinoma using different markers and comparison with clinicopathologic prognostic factorsSchenka, A.A.; Trevisan, M.A.S.; Moreira, L.R.; Lima, C.S.P.; Soares, F.A.; Penna, A.L.; Vassallo, J.; Latuf, P.-Artigo
2008Use of p63 and CD10 in the differential diagnosis of papillary neoplasms of the breastSchenka, N.G.D.; Vassallo, J.; Alvarenga, M.; Matsura, M.D.; Schenka, A.A.; Queiroz, L.D.-Artigo
2003Outcome of surgical treatment in familial mesial temporal lobe epilepsyKobayashi, E.; Dubeau, F.; Guerreiro, C.A.M.; Andermann, E.; D'Agostino, M.D.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Queiroz, L.S.; Andermann, F.; Olivier, A.; Cendes, F.; Schenka, A.A.-Artigo
2010Early changes in contractility indices and fibrosis in two minimally invasive congestive heart failure modelsVilarinho, K.A.D.; Vieira, R.W.; Petrucci, O.; Schenka, A.A.; Oliveira, P.P.M. de; Vassallo, J.; Duffy, J.Y.; Baker, R.S.-Artigo
2009Immunostaining with D2-40 improves evaluation of lymphovascular invasion, but may not predict sentinel lymph node status in early breast cancerShinzato, J.Y.; Britto, A.V.; Alvarenga, M.; Moraes-Schenka, N.G.; Schenka, A.A.; Ward, L.S.; Vassallo, J.-Artigo
2010The GSTT1 polymorphism of the glutathione S-transferase system in the intratumoral microvessel density of breast cancer patientsSchenka, A.A.; Lima, C.S.P.; Lourenco, G.J.; Costa-Gurgel, M.S.; Cardoso-Filho, C.; Pinto, G.A.; Vassallo, J.-Artigo