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2011The Cholinergic Response Is Increased In Isolated Ileum From Gastroschisis Rat Model.Régis, Aline Cristina; Rojas-Moscoso, Julio Alejandro; Gonçalves, Frances Lilian Lanhellas; Schmidt, Augusto Frederico; Mónica, Fabíola Zakia; Antunes, Edson; Sbragia, Lourenço-Artigo de periódico
2014The soluble guanylyl cyclase activator bay 60-2770 potently relaxes the pulmonary artery on congenital diaphragmatic hernia rabbit modelAntunes, Edson; Rojas-Moscoso, Julio Alejandro; Gonçalves, Frances Lilian; Simões, Ana Leda Bertoncioni; Sbragia, Lourenço; Figueira, Rebeca Rodrigues-Artigo
2017Effects of nitric oxide inhibitors in mice with bladder outlet obstructionPereira, Marcy Lancia; D'ancona, Carlos Arturo Levi; Rojas-Moscoso, Julio Alejandro; Ramos Filho, Antonio Celso Saragossa; Monica, Fabiola Zakia; Antunes, Edson-Artigo
2017Tetrodotoxin-insensitive electrical field stimulation-induced contractions on crotalus durissus terrificus corpus cavernosumCampos, Rafael; Monica, Fabiola Z.; Rodrigues, Renata Lopes; Rojas-Moscoso, Julio Alejandro; Moreno, Ronilson Agnaldo; Cogo, Jose Carlos; de Oliveira, Marco Antonio; Antunes, Edson; De Nucci, Gilberto-Artigo
2019Mirabegron elicits rat corpus cavernosum relaxation and increases in vivo erectile responsede Oliveira, Mariana G.; Rojas-Moscoso, Julio Alejandro; Bertollotto, Gabriela M.; Candido, Tuany Z.; Kiguti, Luiz Ricardo de A.; Pupo, Andre S.; Antunes, Edson; De Nucci, Gilberto; Monica, Fabiola Z.-Artigo
2019Pharmacological and transcriptomic characterization of the nitric oxide pathway in aortic rings isolated from the tortoise chelonoidis carbonariaCampos, Rafael; Oliveira Justo, Alberto Fernando; Jacintho, Felipe Fernandes; Monica, Fabiola Z.; Rojas-Moscoso, Julio Alejandro; Moreno, Ronilson Agnaldo; Napolitano, Mauro; Cogo, Jose Carlos; De Nucci, Gilberto-Artigo