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2015Ancient Dna Sequence Revealed By Error-correcting CodesBrandao; Marcelo M.; Spoladore; Larissa; Faria; Luzinete C. B.; Rocha; Andrea S. L.; Silva-Filho; Marcio C.; Palazzo; Reginaldo; Jr.-Artigo de periódico
2015Optimization Of An Ammonia Synthesis Reactor Using Simultaneous ApproachYancy-Caballero; Daison; Biegler; Lorenz T.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Artigo de evento
2015Development Of Thermodynamic Models And Parameters Determination Of Solid Liquid Equilibrium For Binary And Ternary Fatty Acids And EstersRocha; Stella A.; da Silva; Lincoln K.; Boros; Laslo A. D.; Krahenbuhl; Maria A.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Artigo de evento
2015Adsorption Of Water/glucose Mixture Onto Amberlite ResinTrindade-Junior; Valter N.; Luterbacher; Jeremy S.; Dumesic; James A.; da Silva; Edson A.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Artigo de evento
2016An Algorithm To Construct Arithmetic Fuchsian Groups Derived From Quaternion Algebras And The Corresponding Hyperbolic Latticesde Oliveira Benedito; Cintya Wink; Palazzo; Reginaldo; Jr.; Interlando; J. Carmelo-Artigo de periódico
2015Modeling And Parameters Fitting Of Chemical And Phase Equilibria In Reactive Systems For Biodiesel ProductionYancy-Caballero; Daison M.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Artigo de periódico
2015Use Of Cosmo-sac To Determine The Activity Coefficient And Predict Phase Equilibrium Of Binary Systems Involving Methanol, Glycerol And WaterBorghi; Daniela F.; Abreu; Charlles R. A.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Artigo de evento
2015Simulation And Optimization Of The Ethane Cracking Process To Produce EthyleneCaballero; Daison Y.; Biegler; Lorenz T.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Artigo de evento
2015Modeling Of Phase And Chemical Equilibria For Systems Involved In Biodiesel ProductionCunico; Larissa P.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Artigo de evento
2016Complete Hyperbolic Lattices Derived From Tessellations Of Type {4g, 4g}Queiroz; Catia Quilles; Benedito; Cintya W.; Interlando; J. Carmelo; Palazzo; Reginaldo-Artigo
2015Thermodynamic Characterization Of Hydrocarbon Synthesis From Syngas Using Fischer-tropsch Type ReactionFreitas; Antonio C. D.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Artigo de evento
2016Modeling And Simulating Complete Extractive Distillation Process Of Ethanol-water Mixture Using Equilibrium-stage Distillation Model And Efficiency Correlations (barros & Wolf) On Emso PlatformRojas; Javier Villarroel; Stinguel; Lucas; Wolf-Maciel; Maria Regina; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Congresso
2016Predictive Thermodynamic Modelling Of Liquid-liquid-vapor-fluid (llvf) Equilibrium In Synthetic Hydrocarbon Synthesis From SyngasFreitas; Antonio C. D.; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Congresso
2016Implementation Of An Adsorption Model In Emso Software For Ethanol - Water Mixture SeparationStinguel; Lucas; Wolf-Maciel; Maria Regina; Guirardello; Reginaldo-Congresso
2016Generalized Edge-pairings For The Family Of Hyperbolic TessellationsVieira; Vandenberg Lopes; Faria; Mercio Botelho; Palazzo; Reginaldo; Jr.-Artigo
2017A New Method Of Coding Geodesics On Surfaces Whose Fundamental Regions Consist Of The Union Of Elementary Triangles Derived From The Farey SeriesLeskow; Lucila A.; Palazzo; Reginaldo; Jr.-Artigo