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May-2019Uniform convergence of proliferating particles to the FKPP equationFlandoli, Franco; Leimbach, Matti; Olivera, Christian-Artigo
2019Existence and besov regularity of the density for a class of SDEs with volterra noiseOlivera, Christian; Tudor, Ciprian A.-Artigo
20192D navier-stokes equation with cylindrical fractional brownian noiseFerrario, Benedetta; Olivera, Christian-Artigo
2019Regularization by noise in one-dimensional continuity equationOlivera, Christian-Artigo
2019Existence and smoothness of the density for the stochastic continuity equationMollinedo, David A. C.; Olivera, Christian; Tudor, Ciprian A.-Artigo
Aug-2019Density for solutions to stochastic differential equations with unbounded driftOlivera, Christian; Tudor, Ciprian A.-Artigo
2020Local L-p-solution for semilinear heat equation with fractional noiseClarke, Jorge; Olivera, Christian-Artigo
2017Well-posedness of the stochastic transport equation with unbounded driftMollinedo, David A. C.; Olivera, Christian-Artigo
2018Non-local conservation law from stochastic particle systemsSimon, Marielle; Olivera, Christian-Artigo
2018Well-posedness of the vector advection equations by stochastic perturbationFlandoli, Franco; Olivera, Christian-Artigo
2017Stochastic continuity equation with nonsmooth velocityMollinedo, David A. C.; Olivera, Christian-Artigo
2014Well-posedness of first order semilinear PDEs by stochastic perturbationOlivera, Christian-Artigo
2015The density of the solution to the stochastic transport equation with fractional noiseOlivera, Christian; Tudor, Ciprian A.-Artigo
2015Wellposedness for stochastic continuity equations with Ladyzhenskaya-Prodi-Serrin conditionNeves, Wladimir; Olivera, Christian-Artigo
2016The Transport Equation And Zero Quadratic Variation ProcessesClarke, Jorge; Olivera, Christian; Tudor, Ciprian-Artigo
2016Stochastic Continuity Equations-a General Uniqueness ResultNeves, Wladimir; Olivera, Christian-Artigo