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2007In situ effect of a dentifrice with low fluoride concentration and low ph on enamel remineralization and fluoride uptakeNobre-dos-Santos, Marinês; Rodrigues, Lidiany K. A.; Del-Bel-Cury, Altair A.; Cury, Jaime A.-Artigo
2010Effect Of A Pulsed Co2 Laser And Fluoride On The Prevention Of Enamel And Dentine Erosion.Steiner-Oliveira, Carolina; Nobre-dos-Santos, Marinês; Zero, Domenick T; Eckert, George; Hara, Anderson T-Artigo de periódico
2010Relationship Among Microbiological Composition And Presence Of Dental Plaque, Sugar Exposure, Social Factors And Different Stages Of Early Childhood Caries.Parisotto, Thaís Manzano; Steiner-Oliveira, Carolina; Duque, Cristiane; Peres, Regina Célia Rocha; Rodrigues, Lidiany Karla Azevedo; Nobre-dos-Santos, Marinês-Artigo de periódico
2010Early Childhood Caries And Mutans Streptococci: A Systematic Review.Parisotto, Thaís Manzano; Steiner-Oliveira, Carolina; Silva, Cíntia Maria; Rodrigues, Lidiany Karla; Nobre-dos-Santos, Marinês-Artigo de periódico
2009Prosthetic Rehabilitation In A Four-year-old Child With Severe Early Childhood Caries: A Case Report.Parisotto, Thaís Manzano; de Souza-E-Silva, Cintia Maria; Steiner-Oliveira, Carolina; Nobre-dos-Santos, Marinês; Gavião, Maria Beatriz Duarte-Artigo de periódico
2013Carbon Dioxide Laser And Bonding Materials Reduce Enamel Demineralization Around Orthodontic Souza-e-Silva, Cíntia Maria; Parisotto, Thaís Manzano; Steiner-Oliveira, Carolina; Kamiya, Regianne Umeko; Rodrigues, Lidiany Karla Azevedo; Nobre-dos-Santos, Marinês-Artigo de periódico
Dec-2019Addition of hydrogen peroxide to methylene blue conjugated to β-cyclodextrin in photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy in S. mutans biofilmSales, Luciana Solera; Guimarães, Gustavo Narvaes; Wijesinghe, Gayan Kanchana; Moreira, Kelly Maria Silva; Joia, Felipe; Stipp, Rafael Nobrega; Rodrigues, Lidiany Karla Azevedo; Nobre-dos-Santos, Marinês; Steiner-Oliveira, Carolina-Artigo