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2012Influence of silver concentrations on structural and magnetic properties of Ag-Fe3O4 heterodimer nanoparticlesMuraca, D.; Sharma, S. K.; Socolovsky, L. M.; de Siervo, A.; Lopes, G.; Pirota, K. R.-Artigo
2018A simple and "green" technique to synthesize long-term stability colloidal Ag nanoparticles: Fs laser ablation in a biocompatible aqueous mediumArboleda, D. M.; Santillan, J. M. J.; Arce, V. B.; Van Raap, M. B. F.; Muraca, D.; Fernandez, M. A.; Sanchez, R. M. T.; Schinca, D. C.; Scaffardi, L. B.-Artigo
2018Strategies to tailor the architecture of dual Ag/Fe-oxide nano-heterocrystals-interfacial and morphology effects on the magnetic behaviorTancredi, P.; Londoño, O. Moscoso; Rojas, P. C. Rivas; Wolff, U.; Socolovsky, L. M.; Knobel, M.; Muraca, D.-Artigo
2018Nanoclusters of crystallographically aligned nanoparticles for magnetic thermotherapy: aqueous ferrofluid, agarose phantoms and ex vivo melanoma tumour assessmentCoral, D. F.; Soto, P. A.; Blank, V.; Veiga, A.; Spinelli, E.; Gonzalez, S.; Saracco, G. P.; Bab, M. A.; Muraca, D.; Setton-Avruj, P. C.; Roig, A.; Roguin, L.; Fernández van Raap, M. B.-Artigo
2019Significant coercivity enhancement at low temperatures in magnetically oriented cobalt ferrite nanoparticlesTancredi, P.; Rivas-Rojas, P. C.; Moscoso-Londono, O.; Muraca, D.; Knobel, M.; Socolovsky, L. M.-Artigo
2019Fe3O4@SiO2 nanoparticles concurrently coated with chitosan and GdOF:Ce3+,Tb3+ luminophore for bioimaging: toxicity evaluation in the zebrafish modelKhan, L. U.; da Silva, G. H.; de Medeiros, A. M. Z.; Khan, Z. U.; Gidlund, M.; Brito, H. F.; Moscoso-Londono, O.; Muraca, D.; Knobel, M.; Perez, C. A.; Martinez, D. S. T.-Artigo
2019Exploring the synthesis conditions to control the morphology of gold-iron oxide heterostructuresTancredi, P.; da Costa, L. S.; Calderon, S.; Moscoso-Londono, O.; Socolovsky, L. M.; Ferreira, P. J.; Muraca, D.; Zanchet, D.; Knobel, M.-Artigo
2019Control of multiferroic properties in BiFeO3 nanoparticlesCarranza-Celis, D.; Cardona-Rodriguez, A.; Narvaez, J.; Moscoso-Londonoz, O.; Muraca, D.; Knobel, M.; Ornelas-Soto, N.; Reiber, A.; Ramirez, J. G.-Artigo