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2020Magnetic mesoporous silica nanospheres with dual probe & release fluorescent functionalityTancredi, P.; Rivas-Rojas, P. C.; Veiga, L. S.; Garate, O.; Socolovsky, L. M.; Muraca, D.; Ybarra, G.-Artigo
2016Optical and magnetic nanocomposites containing FE3O4@SIO2 grafted with EU3+ and TB3+ complexesKhan, L. U.; Muraca, D.; Brito, H. F.; Moscoso-Londono, O.; Felinto, M. C. F. C.; Pirota, K. R.; Teotonio, E. E. S.; Malta, O. L.-Artigo
2017Different Approaches To Analyze The Dipolar Interaction Effects On Diluted And Concentrated Granular Superparamagnetic SystemsMoscoso-Londono, O.; Tancredi, P.; Muraca, D.; Zelis, P. M.; Coral, D.; van Raap, M. B. F.; Wolff, U.; Neu, V.; Damm, C.; de Oliveira, C. L. P.; Pirota, K. R.; Knobel, M.; Socolovsky, L. M.-Artigo
2014Nanocomposites with superparamagnetic behavior based on a vegetable oil and magnetite nanoparticlesMeiorin, C.; Muraca, D.; Pirota, K. R.; Aranguren, M. I.; Mosiewicki, M. A.-Artigo
2017Synthesis and magnetic properties of cobalt-iron/cobalt-ferrite soft/hard magnetic core/shell nanowiresLondoño-Calderón, C. L.; Moscoso-Londoño, O.; Muraca, D.; Arzuza, L.; Carvalho, P.; Pirota, K. R.; Knobel, M.; Pampillo, L. G.; Martínez-García, R.-Artigo
2014Physicochemical studies of complex silver-magnetite nanoheterodimers with controlled morphologyMoscoso-Londono, O.; Muraca, D.; Tancredi, P.; Cosio-Castaneda, C.; Pirota, K. R.; Socolovsky, L. M.-Artigo
2017Optical and magnetic properties of Fe nanoparticles fabricated by femtosecond laser ablation in organic and inorganic solventsSantillán, J. M. J.; Arboleda, D. M.; Coral, D. F.; Fernandez van Raap, M. B.; Muraca, D.; Schinca, D. C.; Scaffardi, L. B.-Artigo
2017Magnetic composite films based on alginate and nano-iron oxide particles obtained by synthesis "in situ"Kloster, G. A.; Muraca, D.; Mosiewicki, M. A.; Marcovich, N. E.-Artigo
2020Palmitic acid-coated magnetite nanocubes with high-quality crystallinity and bulk-like magnetic featuresOrozco-Henao, J. M.; Muraca, D.; Sánchez, F. H.; Zélis, P. M.-Artigo
2020Highly fluorescent few atoms silver nanoclusters with strong photocatalytic activity synthesized by ultrashort light pulsesSantillán, J. M. J.; Arboleda, D. M.; Muraca, D.; Schinca, D. C.; Scaffardi, L. B.-Artigo
2020Binary activated iron oxide/SiO2/NaGdF4:RE (RE = Ce, and Eu; Yb, and Er) nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization and their potential for dual T-1-T-2 weighted imagingShrivastava, N.; Garcia, J.; Rocha, U.; Ospina, C.; Muraca, D.; Menezes, A. S. de; Jacinto, C.; Louie, A. Y.; Zoppellaro, G.; Sharma, S. K.-Artigo
2020Synthesis of highly stable Fe/FeOx@citrate colloids with strong magnetic response by mechanochemistry and coprecipitation for biomedical and environmental applicationsMedina, G. A. M.; Van Raap, M. B. F.; Coral, D. F.; Muraca, D.; Sánchez, F. H.-Artigo
2018A simple and "green" technique to synthesize long-term stability colloidal Ag nanoparticles: Fs laser ablation in a biocompatible aqueous mediumArboleda, D. M.; Santillan, J. M. J.; Arce, V. B.; Van Raap, M. B. F.; Muraca, D.; Fernandez, M. A.; Sanchez, R. M. T.; Schinca, D. C.; Scaffardi, L. B.-Artigo
2012Influence of silver concentrations on structural and magnetic properties of Ag-Fe3O4 heterodimer nanoparticlesMuraca, D.; Sharma, S. K.; Socolovsky, L. M.; Siervo, A. de; Lopes, G.; Pirota, K. R.-Artigo
2019Significant coercivity enhancement at low temperatures in magnetically oriented cobalt ferrite nanoparticlesTancredi, P.; Rivas-Rojas, P. C.; Moscoso-Londono, O.; Muraca, D.; Knobel, M.; Socolovsky, L. M.-Artigo
2019Control of multiferroic properties in BiFeO3 nanoparticlesCarranza-Celis, D.; Cardona-Rodriguez, A.; Narvaez, J.; Moscoso-Londonoz, O.; Muraca, D.; Knobel, M.; Ornelas-Soto, N.; Reiber, A.; Ramirez, J. G.-Artigo
2019Fe3O4@SiO2 nanoparticles concurrently coated with chitosan and GdOF:Ce3+,Tb3+ luminophore for bioimaging: toxicity evaluation in the zebrafish modelKhan, L. U.; da Silva, G. H.; de Medeiros, A. M. Z.; Khan, Z. U.; Gidlund, M.; Brito, H. F.; Moscoso-Londono, O.; Muraca, D.; Knobel, M.; Perez, C. A.; Martinez, D. S. T.-Artigo
2019Exploring the synthesis conditions to control the morphology of gold-iron oxide heterostructuresTancredi, P.; da Costa, L. S.; Calderon, S.; Moscoso-Londono, O.; Socolovsky, L. M.; Ferreira, P. J.; Muraca, D.; Zanchet, D.; Knobel, M.-Artigo
2020Alginate based nanocomposites with magnetic propertiesKloster, G. A.; Muraca, D.; Londoño, O. M.; Pirota, K. R.; Mosiewicki, M. A.; Marcovich, N. E.-Artigo
2020Strain-controlled ferromagnetism in BiFeO3 nanoparticlesRamos, E.; Cardona-Rodríguez, A.; Carranza-Celis, D.; González-Hernández, R.; Muraca, D.; Ramírez, J. G.-Artigo