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2017North Andean Origin And Diversification Of The Largest Ithomiine Butterfly GenusDe-Silva, Donna Lisa; Mota, Luisa L.; Chazot, Nicolas; Mallarino, Ricardo; Silva-Brandao, Karina L.; Gomez Pinerez, Luz Miryam; Freitas, André V.L.; Lamas, Gerardo; Joron, Mathieu; Mallet, James; Giraldo, Carlos E.; Uribe, Sandra; Sarkinen, Tiina; Knapp, Sandra; Jiggins, Chris D.; Willmott, Keith R.; Elias, Marianne-Artigo
2019Renewed diversification following miocene landscape turnover in a neotropical butterfly radiationChazot, Nicolas; Willmott, Keith R.; Lamas, Gerardo; Freitas, Andre V. L.; Piron-Prunier, Florence; Arias, Carlos F.; Mallet, James; De-Silva, Donna Lisa; Elias, Marianne-Artigo
2019Cryptic speciation associated with geographic and ecological divergence in two Amazonian Heliconius butterfliesRosser, Neil; Freitas, Andre V. L.; Huertas, Blanca; Joron, Mathieu; Lamas, Gerardo; Merot, Claire; Simpson, Fraser; Willmott, Keith R.; Mallet, James; Dasmahapatra, Kanchon K.-Artigo
2018Contrasting patterns of Andean diversification among three diverse clades of Neotropical clearwing butterfliesChazot, Nicolas; De-Silva, Donna Lisa; Willmott, Keith R.; Freitas; André V. L.; Lamas, Gerardo; Mallet, James; Giraldo, Carlos E.; Uribe, Sandra; Elias, Marianne-Artigo
2016Into The Andes: Multiple Independent Colonizations Drive Montane Diversity In The Neotropical Clearwing Butterflies GodyridinaChazot, Nicolas; Willmott, Keith R.; Condamine, Fabien L.; De-Silva, Donna Lisa; Freitas, André V. L.; Lamas, Gerardo; Morlon, Héléne; Giraldo, Carlos E.; Jiggins, Chris D.; Joron, Mathieu; Mallet, James; Uribe, Sandra; Elias, Marianne-Artigo