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2012Purification and inflammatory edema induced by two PLA(2) (Anch TX-I and Anch TX-II) from sea anemone Anthothoe chilensis (Actiniaria: Sagartiidae)Landucci, ECT; Dias, QC; Marangoni, FA; Vilca-Quispe, A; Valeriano-Zapana, JA; Torres-Huaco, FD; Martins-De-Souza, D; Marangoni, S; Ponce-Soto, LA-Artigo de periódico
2008Influence of acute pancreatitis on the in vitro responsiveness of rat mesenteric and pulmonary arteriesCamargo, EA; Delbin, MA; Ferreira, T; Landucci, ECT; Antunes, E; Zanesco, A-Artigo de periódico
2009Inflammatory oedema induced by Lachesis muta muta (Surucucu) venom and LmTX-I in the rat paw and dorsal skinFerreira, T; Camargo, EA; Ribela, MTCP; Damico, DC; Marangoni, S; Antunes, E; De Nucci, G; Landucci, ECT-Artigo de periódico
2000Leucocyte recruitment induced by type II phospholipases A(2) into the rat pleural cavityde Castro, RC; Landucci, ECT; Toyama, MH; Giglio, JR; Marangoni, S; De Nucci, G; Antunes, E-Artigo de periódico
2014Inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase-derived nitric oxide as a therapeutical target for acute pancreatitis induced by secretory phospholipase A(2)Camargo, EA; Santana, DG; Silva, CI; Teixeira, SA; Toyama, MH; Cotrim, C; Landucci, ECT; Antunes, E; Muscara, MN; Costa, SKP-Artigo de periódico
2000Effect of crotapotin and heparin on the rat paw oedema induced by different secretory phospholipases A(2)Landucci, ECT; Toyama, M; Marangoni, S; Oliveira, B; Cirino, G; Antunes, E; de Nucci, G-Artigo de periódico
2002Human neutrophil migration in vitro induced by secretory phospholipases A(2): a role for cell surface glycosaminoglycansGambero, A; Landucci, ECT; Toyama, MH; Marangoni, S; Giglio, JR; Nader, HB; Dietrich, CP; De Nucci, G; Antunes, E-Artigo de periódico
2004Signalling pathways regulating human neutrophil migration induced by secretory phospholipases A(2)Gambero, A; Thomazzi, SM; Cintra, ACO; Landucci, ECT; De Nucci, G; Antunes, E-Artigo de periódico
2013Unmasking Snake Venom of Bothrops leucurus: Purification and Pharmacological and Structural Characterization of New PLA(2) Bleu TX-IIIMarangoni, FA; Ponce-Soto, LA; Marangoni, S; Landucci, ECT-Artigo de periódico
1998Mast cell degranulation induced by two phospholipase A(2) homologues: Dissociation between enzymatic and biological activitiesLanducci, ECT; Castro, RC; Pereira, MF; Cintra, ACO; Giglio, JR; Marangoni, S; Oliveira, B; Cirino, G; Antunes, E; De Nucci, G-Artigo de periódico