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2014Comparative assessment of the effects of gates-glidden, largo, LA-Axxess, and new brazilian drill CPdrill on coronal pre-enlargement: cone-beam computed tomographic analysisFlores, C. B.; Dotto, G. N.; Montagner, F.; Gomes, B. P. F. A.; Schmitz, M. D.-Artigo
2019Proteomic profile of root canal contents in teeth with post-treatment endodontic diseaseFrancisco, P. A.; Delboni, M. G.; Lima, A. R.; Xiao, Y.; Siqueira, W. L.; Gomes, B. P. F. A.-Artigo
2014Quantification of endotoxins in infected root canals and acute apical abscess exudates: monitoring the effectiveness of root canal procedures in the reduction of endotoxinsSousa, E. L. R.; Leite, F. R. M.; Martinho, F. C.; Nascimento, G. G.; Gomes, B. P. F. A.-Artigo
2000In vitro antimicrobial activity of propolis and arnica montana against oral pathogensKoo, H.; Gomes, B. P. F. A.; Rosalen, P. L.; Ambrosano, G. M. B.; Park, Y. K.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2017Clinical efficacy of EDTA ultrasonic activation in the reduction of endotoxins and cultivable bacteriaHerrera, D. R.; Martinho, F. C.; de‐Jesus‐Soares, A.; Zaia, A. A.; Ferraz, C. C. R.; Almeida, J. F. A.; Gomes, B. P. F. A.-Artigo
2019Efficacy of reciprocating and ultrasonic activation of 6% sodium hypochlorite in the reduction of microbial content and virulence factors in teeth with primary endodontic infectionAveiro, E.; Chiarelli-Neto, V. M.; de-Jesus-Soares, A.; Zaia, A. A.; Ferraz, C. C. R.; Almeida, J. F. A.; Marciano, M. A.; Feres, M.; Gomes, B. P. F. A.-Artigo
2019Endotoxin levels after chemomechanical preparation of root canals with sodium hypochlorite or chlorhexidine: a systematic review of clinical trials and meta-analysisNeelakantan, P.; Herrera, D. R.; Pecorari, V. G. A.; Gomes, B. P. F. A.-Artigo