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2019Increase of reducing sugars release by enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse intensified by ultrasonic treatmentde Carvalho Silvello, Maria Augusta; Martinez, Julian; Goldbeck, Rosana-Artigo
2020Low-frequency ultrasound with short application time improves cellulase activity and reducing sugars releasede Carvalho Silvello, Maria Augusta; Martinez, Julian; Goldbeck, Rosana-Artigo
2013Cellulase Production From A New Strain Acremonium Strictum Isolated From The Brazilian Biome Using Different Substrates.Goldbeck, Rosana; Ramos, Mayla M; Pereira, Gonçalo A G; Maugeri-Filho, Francisco-Artigo de periódico
2019Production of succinic acid: effects of C:N ratioGonzales, Tatiane Araujo; Santos, Lucielen Oliveira dos; Ubeda, Beatriz Torsani; Alegre, Ranulfo Monte; Goldbeck, Rosana-Artigo
2018Evaluation of the chemical composition of a mixture of sugarcane bagasse and straw after different pretreatments and their effects on commercial enzyme combinations for the production of fermentable sugarsÁvila, Patrícia F.; Forte, Marcus B. S.; Goldbeck, Rosana-Artigo
2019Robustness and ethanol production of industrial strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae using different sugarcane bagasse hydrolysatesTeixeira, Vanessa S.; Azambuja, Suéllen P. H.; Carvalho, Priscila H.; Costa, Fátima A. A.; Kitaka, Patricia R.; Stekelgerb, Claudia; Andrietta, Silvio R.; Andrietta, Maria G. S.; Goldbeck, Rosana-Artigo