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2001Isolation And Characterization Of Isolectins From Talisia Esculenta SeedsFreire M.D.G.M.; Machado O.L.T.; Smolka M.B.; Marangoni S.; Novello J.C.; Macedo M.L.R.-Artigo de periódico
2012Insecticidal Effect Of Labramin, A Lectinlike Protein Isolated From Seeds Of The Beach Apricot Tree, Labramia Bojeri, On The Mediterranean Flour Moth, Ephestia KuehniellaMartinez D.S.T.; Freire M.D.G.M.; Mazzafera P.; Araujo-Jnior R.T.; Bueno R.D.; MacEdo M.L.R.-Artigo de periódico
2008Purification And Characterization Of A Trypsin Inhibitor From Plathymenia Foliolosa SeedsRamos V.D.S.; Silva G.D.S.; Freire M.D.G.M.; Machado O.L.T.; Parra J.R.P.; Macedo M.L.R.-Artigo de periódico
2012Evaluation Of The Adenanthera Pavonina Seed Proteinase Inhibitor (apti) As A Bioinsecticidal Tool With Potential For The Control Of Diatraea SaccharalisDa Silva W.; Freire M.D.G.M.; Parra J.R.P.; Marangoni S.; MacEdo M.L.R.-Artigo de periódico
2002Talisia Esculenta Lectin And Larval Development Of Callosobruchus Maculatus And Zabrotes Subfasciatus (coleoptera: Bruchidae)Macedo M.L.R.; Freire M.D.G.M.; Novello J.C.; Marangoni S.-Artigo de periódico
2003Purification And Characterization Of An N-acetylglucosamine-binding Lectin From Koelreuteria Paniculata Seeds And Its Effect On The Larval Development Of Callosobruchus Maculatus (coleoptera: Bruchidae) And Anagasta Kuehniella (lepidoptera: Pyralidae)Macedo M.L.R.; Damico D.C.S.; Freire M.D.G.M.; Toyama M.H.; Marangoni S.; Novello J.C.-Artigo de periódico
2003A Trypsin Inhibitor From Peltophorum Dubium Seeds Active Against Pest Proteases And Its Effect On The Survival Of Anagasta Kuehniella (lepidoptera: Pyralidae)Rodrigues Macedo M.L.; Freire M.D.G.M.; Cabrini E.C.; Toyama M.H.; Novello J.C.; Marangoni S.-Artigo de periódico