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2009Corrigendum To "cellular Growth During Transient Directional Solidification Of Hypoeutectic Al-fe Alloys" [j. Alloys Compd. 470 (2009) 589-599] (doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2008.03.026)Goulart P.R.; Cruz K.S.; Spinelli J.E.; Ferreira I.L.; Cheung N.; Garcia A.-Errata
2011Macrosegregation And Porosity During Directional Solidification Of A Ternary Al-9wt%si-3wt%cu AlloyGomes L.G.; Jacome P.D.; Ferreira I.L.; Moutinho D.J.; Rocha O.L.; Garcia A.-Artigo de evento
2007The Roles Of Macrosegregation And Of Dendritic Array Spacings On The Electrochemical Behavior Of An Al-4.5 Wt.% Cu AlloyOsorio W.R.; Spinelli J.E.; Ferreira I.L.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2015Cooling Thermal Parameters, Microstructure, Segregation And Hardness In Directionally Solidified Al-sn-(si;cu) AlloysBertelli F.; Brito C.; Ferreira I.L.; Reinhart G.; Nguyen-Thi H.; Mangelinck-Noel N.; Cheung N.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2011Erratum: The Application Of Computational Thermodynamics And A Numerical Model For The Determination Of Surface Tension And Gibbs-thomson Coefficient Of Aluminum Based Alloys (thermochimica Acta (2011) 523 (142-149))Jacome P.A.D.; Landim M.C.; Garcia A.; Furtado A.F.; Ferreira I.L.-Errata
2004On Macrosegregation In Ternary Al-cu-si Alloys: Numerical And Experimental AnalysisFerreira I.L.; Garcia A.; Nestler B.-Artigo de periódico
2013The Application Of Computational Thermodynamics For The Determination Of Surface Tension And Gibbs-thomson Coefficient Of Aluminum Ternary AlloysJacome P.A.D.; Moutinho D.J.; Gomes L.G.; Garcia A.; Ferreir A.F.; Ferreira I.L.-Artigo de evento
2013Thermal Parameters, Microstructure And Porosity During Transient Solidification Of Ternary Al-cu-si AlloysMoutinho D.J.; Gomes L.G.; Rocha O.L.; Ferreira I.L.; Garcia A.-Artigo de evento
2006Numerical And Experimental Analysis Of Macrosegregation During Upward And Downward Solidification Of A Ternary Al-cu-si AlloyFerreira I.L.; Spinelli J.E.; Nestler B.; Garcia A.-Artigo de evento