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2018Thermodynamic, rheological and structural properties of edible oils structured with LMOGs: Influence of gelator and oil phaseFasolina, L.H.; Cerqueira, M.A.; Pastrana, L.M.; Vicente, A.A.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2021Flaxseed gum-biopolymers interactions driving rheological behaviour of oropharyngeal dysphagia-oriented productsVieira, J.M.; Andrade, C.C.P.; Santos, T.P.; Okuro, P.K.; Garcia, S.T.; Rodrigues, M.I.; Vicente, A.A.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2018Assessing the potential of whey protein fibril as emulsifierMantovani, R.A.; de Figueiredo Furtado, G.; Netto, F.M.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2020Impregnation of passion fruit bagasse extract in alginate aerogel microparticlesViganó, J.; Meirelles, A.A.D.; Náthia-Neves, G.; Baseggio, A.M.; Cunha, R.L.; Maróstica Junior, M.R.; Meireles, M.A.A.; Gurikov, P.; Smirnova, I.; Martínez, J.-Artigo
2020Colloidal particle deposition on microchannel walls, for attractive and repulsive surface potentialsPorto Santos, T.; Cunha, R.L.; Tabeling, P.; Cejas, C.M.-Artigo
2019Single-step microfluidic production of W/O/W double emulsions as templates for β-carotene-loaded giant liposomes formationMichelon, M.; Huang, Y.; de la Torre, L.G.; Weitz, D.A.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2018Edible oleogels: an opportunity for fat replacement in foodsMartins, A.J.; Vicente, A.A.; Cunha, R.L.; Cerqueira, M.A.-Artigo
2020Development of a microfluidic route for the formation of gellan-based microgels incorporating jabuticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora) extractSantos, T.P.; Costa, A.L.R.; Michelon, M.; Costa, L.P.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2018Impact of oil type and WPI/Tween 80 ratio at the oil-water interface: adsorption, interfacial rheology and emulsion featuresGomes, A.; Costa, A.L.R.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2018Coupling of high-intensity ultrasound and mechanical stirring for producing food emulsions at low-energy densitiesSilva, E.K.; Costa, A.L.R.; Gomes, A.; Bargas, M.A.; Cunha, R.L.; Meireles, M.A.A.-Artigo
2018Synergistic interactions between lecithin and fruit wax in oleogel formationOkuro, P.K.; Tavernier, I.; Bin Sintang, M.D.; Skirtach, A.G.; Vicente, A.A.; Dewettinck, K.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2018Functional emulsion gels with potential application in meat productsPaglarini, C.D.S.; Furtado, G.D.F.; Biachi, J.P.; Vidal, V.A.S.; Martini, S.; Forte, M.B.S.; Cunha, R.L.; Pollonio, M.A.R.-Artigo
2018Role of process variables on the formation and in vitro digestion of gellan gelsSantos, T.P.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2018Cellulose nanofibers from banana peels as a Pickering emulsifier: High-energy emulsification processesCosta, A.L.R.; Gomes, A.; Tibolla, H.; Menegalli, F.C.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2018One-step ultrasound producing O/W emulsions stabilized by chitosan particlesCosta, A.L.R.; Gomes, A.; Cunha, R.L.-Artigo
2020Protein-based hydrogelled emulsions and their application as fat replacers in meat products: a reviewPaglarini, C.D.S.; Vidal, V.A.S.; Martini, S.; Cunha, R.L.; Pollonio, M.A.R.-Artigo
2013Developing a prebiotic yogurt : rheological, physico-chemical and microbiological aspects and adequacy of survival analysis methodologyCruz, A.G.; Cavalcanti, R.N.; Guerreiro, L.M.R.; Sant’Ana, A.S.; Nogueira, L.C.; Oliveira, C.A.F.; Deliza, R.; Cunha, R.L.; Faria, J.A.F.; Bolini, H.M.A.-Artigo
2006Impact of modified atmosphere packaging on the osmodehydrated papaya stabilityRodrigues, A.C.C.; Pereira, L.M.; Sarantópoulos, C.I.G.L.; Bolini, H.M.A.; Cunha, R.L.; Junqueira, V.C.A.; Hubinger, M.D.-Artigo