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2018Dysregulation of NEUROG2 plays a key role in focal cortical dysplasiaAvansini, S.H.; Torres, F.R.; Vieira, A.S.; Dogini, D.B.; Rogerio, F.; Coan, A.C.; Morita, M.E.; Guerreiro, M.M.; Yasuda, C.L.; Secolin, R.; Carvalho, B.S.; Borges, M.G.; Almeida, V.S.; Araujo, P.A.O.R.; Queiroz, L.; Cendes, F.; Lopes-Cend-Artigo
2014Frequent seizures are associated with a network of gray matter atrophy in temporal lobe epilepsy with or without hippocampal sclerosisCoan, A.C.; Campos, B.M.; Yasuda, C.L.; Kubota, B.Y.; Bergo, F.P.G.; Guerreiro, C.A.M.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2014Hippocampal dysplasia with balloon cells: case report and discussion on classificationRogerio, F.; Morita, M.E.; Coan, A.C.; Guerreiro, C.A.M.; Tedeschi, H.; Coras, R.; Queiroz, L. de Souza; Blumcke, I.; Cendes, F.-Outros documentos
20143T MRI quantification of hippocampal volume and signal in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy improves detection of hippocampal sclerosisCoan, A.C.; Campos, B.M.; Kubota, B.; Bergo, F.P.G.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2018Differences in cortical structure and functional MRI connectivity in high functioning autismPereira, A.M.; Campos, B.M.; Coan, A.C.; Pegoraro, L.F.; Rezende, T.J.R. de; Obeso, I.; Dalgalarrondo, P.; Costa, J.C. da; Dreher, J.C.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2018Is inpatient ictal video-electroencephalographic monitoring mandatory in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with unilateral hippocampal sclerosis? A prospective studyAlvim, M.K.M.; Morita, M.E.; Yasuda, C.L.; Damasceno, B.P.; Lopes, T.M.; Coan, A.C.; Ghizoni, E.; Tedeschi, H.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2014Neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer's disease are related to functional connectivity alterations in the salience networkPereira, F.R.S.; Balthazar, M.L.F.; Silva, E.L. da; Campos, B.M.; Lopes, T.M.; Duncan, N.W.; Damasceno, B.P.; Northoff, G.; Cendes, F.; Stella, F.; Coan, A.C.-Artigo