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2013Peritrabecular clefting in fibrous dysplasia of the jaws: how soon is now?Prado Ribeiro, A. C.; Carlos, R.; Speight, P. M.; Hunter, K. D.; Santos-Silva, A. R.; Almeida, O. P.; Vargas, P. A.-Outros documentos
2014Malignant odontogenic tumors: a multicentric latin american study of 25 casesMosqueda-Taylor, A.; Delgado-Azanero, W.; Martinez, M. M.; de Almeida, O. P.; Carlos, R.-Artigo
2018Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma of the oral and maxillofacial regionSanchez-Romero, C.; Pontes, H.A.R.; Pontes, F.S.C.; Rocha, A.C.; Carlos, R.; Rendon, J.C.; de Almeida, O.P.; Fonseca, F.P.-Artigo
2012Peritrabecular clefting in fibrous dysplasia of the jaws: an important histopathologic feature for differentiating fibrous dysplasia from central ossifying fibromaPrado Ribeiro, A. C. P.; Carlos, R.; Speight, P. M.; Hunter, K. D.; Santos-Silva, A. R.; Almeida, O. P.; Vargas, P. A.-Artigo
2015Nodular swelling of the tongueRumayor Pina, A.; Carlos, R.; Almeida, L.Y.; De Almeida, O.P.; Leon, J.E.-Outros documentos
2019Laryngeal Epstein-Barr virus-associated smooth muscle tumor in an undernourished childSoares, Ciro Dantas; Carlos, Roman; Diaz Molina, Juan Pablo; de Lima Morais, Thayna Melo; de Almeida, Oslei Paes; Soares, C.D.; Carlos, R.; Molina, J.P.D.; de Lima Morais, T.M.; de Almeida, O.P.-Artigo
2018Sebaceous adenocarcinomas of the major salivary glands: a clinicopathological analysis of 10 casesSoares, C.D.; Morais, T.M.L.; Carlos, R.; Jorge, J.; Almeida, O.P. de; Carvalho, M.G.F. de; Altemani, A.M.M.-Artigo
2017Epstein-barr virus in nasopharyngeal carcinoma of guatemalan and brazilian patientsRumayor Piña, A.; Dos Santos, H.T.; Carlos, R.; Altemani, A.; de Almeida, O.P.-Artigo
2017Clinical and genetic analysis of patients with cherubismMachado, R. A.; Pontes, H. A. R.; Pires, F. R.; Silveira, H. M.; Bufalino, A.; Carlos, R.; Tuji, F. M.; Alves, D. B. M.; Santos-Silva, A. R.; Lopes, M. A.; Capistrano, H. M.; Coletta, R. D.; Fonseca, F. P.-Artigo
2013High incidence of DNA ploidy abnormalities and increased Mcm2 expression may predict malignant change in oral proliferative verrucous leukoplakiaGouvêa, A. F.; Silva, A. R. S.; Speight, P. M.; Hunter, K.; Carlos, R.; Vargas, P. A.; de Almeida, O. P.; Lopes, M. A.-Artigo
2018Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma: a clinical, histopathological and immunohistochemical study of 42 cases with emphasis on stromal featuresSánchez-Romero, C.; Carlos, R.; Díaz Molina, J.P.; Thompson, L.D.R.; de Almeida, O.P.; Rumayor Piña, A.-Artigo
2018Microcystic calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumorSanchez-Romero, C.; Carlos, R.; de Almeida, O.P.; Romanach, M.J.-Outros documentos
2018Giant dentinogenic ghost cell tumor: a case reportSoares, C.D.; Carlos, R.; de Lima Morais, T.M.; de Almeida, O.P.-Outros documentos
2016Clinical, demographic, and radiographic analysis of 82 patients affected by florid osseous dysplasia: an international collaborative studyPereira, D.L.; Pires, F.R.; Lopes, M.A.; Carlos, R.; Wright, J.M.; Patel, P.; van Heerden, W.; Uys, A.; Vargas, P.A.-Artigo