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2019Microstructural array and solute content affecting electrochemical behavior of Sn-Ag and Sn-Bi alloys compared with a traditional Sn-Pb alloySatizabal, Luz M.; Costa, Diego; Moraes, Peterson B.; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Osorio, Wislei R.-Artigo
2019Designing sintering time for a TiSiC compound: a microwave and conventional comparisonCalado, Lucas D.; Padilha, Giovana S.; Osorio, Wislei R.; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.-Artigo
May-2019Morphology and size effects on densification and mechanical behavior of sintered powders from Al-Si and Al-Cu casting alloysBonatti, Rodrigo S.; Meyer, Yuri A.; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Costa, Diego; Osório, Wislei R.-Artigo
2020Compaction pressure and Si content effects on compressive strengths of Al/Si/Cu alloy compositesMeyer, Yuri A.; Bonatti, Rodrigo S.; Costa, Diego; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Osorio, Wislei R.-Artigo
2019Microstructural characterization and mechanical behavior of an AgA1NbTiZn complex composition alloy produced using powder metallurgy (P/M)Rodrigues, Joao Felipe Q.; Costa, Diego; Contieri, Rodrigo J.; Osorio, Wislei R.; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.-Artigo
2020Fresh and hardened states of distinctive self-compacting concrete with marble- and phyllite-powder aggregate contentsXavier, Beatriz C.; Verzegnassi, Emerson; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Alves, Samira M.; Lintz, Rosa C. Cecche; Gachet, Luísa Andreia; Osório, Wislei R.-Artigo
2014Mechanical performance and microstructure array of as-cast lead–silver and lead–bismuth alloysOsório, Wislei R.; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Peixoto, Leandro C.; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2016Performance of new pb-bi alloys for pb-acid battery applications : eis and polarization studyPeixoto, Leandro C.; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Garcia, Amauri; Osório, Wislei R.-Artigo
2016Immersion corrosion of Sn-Ag and Sn-Bi alloys as successors to Sn-Pb alloy with electronic and jewelry applicationsSatizabal, Luz M.; Poloni, Erik; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Osório, Wislei R.-Artigo
2015Improvement on the melt-texturing performance of a (y,ta)(0.5)bao3-yba2cu3oy composite with superconductor applicationsBortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Osorio, Wislei R.; Oliveira, Celio J. V.; dos Santos, Carlos Alberto M.; Moura Filho, Francisco; Machado, Antonio Jefferson S.-Outro documento