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2019Evaluation of early radiation DNA damage in a fractal cell nucleus model using Geant4-DNASakata, D.; Lampe, N.; Karamitros, M.; Kyriakou, I.; Belov, O.; Bernal, M. A.; Bolst, D.; Bordage, M. C.; Breton, V.; Brown, J. M. C.; Francis, Z.; Ivanchenko, V.; Meylan, S.; Murakami, K.; Okada, S.; Petrovic, I.; Ristic-Fira, A.; Santin, G.; Sarramia, D.; Sasaki, T.; Shin, W. G.; Tang, N.; Tran, H. N.; Villagrasa, C.; Emfietzoglou, D.; Nieminen, P.; Guatelli, S.; Incerti, S.-Artigo
2018Geant4-DNA example applications for track structure simulations in liquid water: a report from the Geant4-DNA projectIncerti, S.; Kyriakou, I.; Bernal, M. A.; Bordage, M. C.; Francis, Z.; Guatelli, S.; Ivanchenko, V.; Karamitros, M.; Lampe, N.; Lee, S. B.; Meylan, S.; Min, C. H.; Shin, W. G.; Nieminen, P.; Sakata, D.; Tang, N.; Villagrasa, C.; Tran, H. N.; Brown, J. M. C.-Artigo
2015Modeling proton and alpha elastic scattering in liquid water In Geant4-DNATran, H. N.; El Bitar, Z.; Champion, C.; Karamitros, M.; Bernal, M. A.; Francis, Z.; Ivantchenko, V.; Lee, S. B.; Shin, J. l.; Incerti, S.-Artigo
2018Accounting for radiation-induced indirect damage on DNA with the Geant 4-DNA codeRosales, L. D.; Incerti, S.; Francis, Z.; Bernal, M. A.-Artigo
2019Computational approach to determine the relative biological effectiveness of fast neutrons using the Geant4-DNA toolkit and a DNA atomic model from the Protein Data BankZabihi, A.; Incerti, S.; Francis, Z.; Forozani, G.; Semsarha, F.; Moslehi, A.; Rezaeian, P.; Bernal, M. A.-Artigo
2019Assessment of radio-induced damage in endothelial cells irradiated with 40 kVp, 220 kVp, and 4 MV X-rays by means of micro and nanodosimetric calculationsTang, N.; Bueno, M.; Meylan, S.; Perrot, Y.; Tran, H. N.; Freneau, A.; Santos, M. dos; Vaurijoux, A.; Gruel, G.; Bernal, M. A.; Bordage, M. C.; Emfietzoglou, D.; Francis, Z.; Guatelli, S.; Ivanchenko, V.; Karamitros, M.; Kyriakou, I.; Shin, W. G.; Incerti, S.; Villagrasa, C.-Artigo
2019A new standard DNA damage (SDD) data formatSchuemann, J.; McNamara, A. L.; Warmenhoven, J. W.; Henthorn, N. T.; Kirkby, K. J.; Merchant, M. J.; Ingram, S.; Paganetti, H.; Held, K. D.; Ramos-Mendez, J.; Faddegon, B.; Perl, J.; Goodhead, D. T.; Plante, I.; Rabus, H.; Nettelbeck, H.; Friedland, W.; Kundrat, P.; Ottolenghi, A.; Baiocco, G.; Barbieri, S.; Dingfelder, M.; Incerti, S.; Villagrasa, C.; Bueno, M.; Bernal, M. A.; Guatelli, S.; Sakata, D.; Brown, J. M. C.; Francis, Z.; Kyriakou, I.; Lampe, N.; Ballarini, F.; Carante, M. P.; Davidkova, M.; Stepan, V.; Jia, X.; Cucinotta, F. A.; Schulte, R.; Stewart, R. D.; Carlson, D. J.; Galer, S.; Kuncic, Z.; Lacombe, S.; Milligan, J.; Cho, S. H.; Sawakuchi, G.; Inaniwa, T.; Sato, T.; Li, W.; Solov'yov, A. V.; Surdutovich, E.; Durante, M.; Prise, K. M.; McMahon, S. J.-Artigo
2017Numerical insight into the dual radiation action theoryTello, J. J.; Incerti, S.; Francis, Z.; Tran, H.; Bernal, M. A.-Artigo
2017TDDFT-based study on the proton-DNA collisionSeraide, R.; Bernal, M. A.; Brunetto, G.; Giovannini, U. de; Rubio, A.-Artigo
2017Calculation of lineal energies for water and DNA bases using the Rudd model cross sections integrated within the Geant4-DNA processesFrancis, Z.; El Bitar, Z.; Incerti, S.; Bernal, M. A.; Karamitros, M.; Tran, H. N.-Artigo
2014Diffusion-controlled reactions modeling in Geant4-DNAKaramitros, M.; Luan, S.; Bernal, M. A.; Allison, J.; Baldacchino, G.; Davidkova, M.; Francis, Z.; Friedland, W.; Ivantchenko, V.; Ivantchenko, A.; Mantero, A.; Nieminem, P.; Santin, G.; Tran, H. N.; Stepan, V.; Incerti, S.-Artigo
2014Comparison of Geant4-DNA simulation of S-values with other Monte Carlo codesAndré, T.; Morini, F.; Karamitros, M.; Delorme, R.; Le Loirec, C.; Campos, L.; Champion, C.; Groetz, J.-E.; Fromm, M.; Bordage, M.-C.; Perrot, Y.; Barberet, P.; Bernal, M. A.; Brown, J. M. C.; Deleuze, M. S.; Francis, Z.; Ivanchenko, V.; Mascialino, B.; Zacharatou, C.; Bardiès, M.; Incerti, S.-Artigo
2016Single electron ionization and electron capture cross sections for (C6+, H2O) interaction within the classical trajectory Monte Carlo (CTMC) approachTran, H. N.; Dao, D. D.; Incerti, S.; Bernal, M. A.; Karamitros, M.; Hao, T. V. N.; Dang, T. M.; Francis, Z.-Artigo
2016Impact Of Photon Cross Section Uncertainties On Monte Carlo-determined Depth-dose DistributionsAguirre, E.; David, M.; Almeida, C. E. de; Bernal, M. A.-Artigo
2016Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulation Of Absorbed Dose And Radiolysis Yields Enhancement From A Gold Nanoparticle Under Mev Proton IrradiationTran, H. N.; Karamitros, M.; Ivanchenko, V. N.; Guatelli, S.; McKinnon, S.; Murakami, K.; Sasaki, T.; Okada, S.; Bordage, M. C.; Francis, Z.; El Bitar, Z.; Bernal, M. A.; Shin, J. I.; Lee, S. B.; Barberet, P.; Tran, T. T.; Brown, J. M. C.; Hao, T. V. N.; Incerti, S.-Artigo
2016Simulation Of Auger Electron Emission From Nanometer-size Gold Targets Using The Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulation ToolkitIncerti, S.; Suerfu, B.; Xu, J.; Ivantchenko, V.; Mantero, A.; Brown, J. M. C.; Bernal, M. A.; Francis, Z.; Karamitros, M.; Tran, H. N.-Artigo
2015Comparison of experimental proton-induced fluorescence spectra for a selection of thin high-Z samples with Geant4 Monte Carlo simulationsIncerti, S.; Barberet, P.; Dévès, G.; Michelet, C.; Francis, Z.; Ivantchenko, V.; Mantero, A.; El Bitar, Z.; Bernal, M. A.; Tran, H. N.; Karamitros, M.; Seznec, H.-Artigo
2015The influence of DNA configuration on the direct strand break yieldBernal, M. A.; Almeida, C. E. de; Incerti, S.; Champion, C.; Ivanchenko, V.; Francis, Z.-Artigo
2015Track structure modeling in liquid water: a review of the Geant4-DNA very low energy extension of the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkitBernal, M. A.; Bordage, M. C.; Brown, J. M. C.; Davídková, M.; Delage, E.; El Bitar, Z.; Enger, S. A.; Francis, Z.; Guatelli, S.; Ivanchenko, V. N.; Karamitros, M.; Kyriakou, I.; Maigne, L.; Meylan, S.; Murakami, K.; Okada, S.; Payno, H.; Perrot, Y.; Petrovic, I.; Pham, Q. T.; Ristic-Fira, A.; Sasaki, T.; Stepán, V.; Tran, H. N.; Villagrasa, C.; Incerti, S.-Artigo
2014Performance of a new atomistic geometrical model of the B-DNA configuration for DNA-radiation interaction simulationsBernal, M. A.; Sikansi, D.; Cavalcante, F.; Incerti, S.; Champion, C.; Ivanchenko, V.; Francis, Z.; Karamitros, M.-Artigo