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1999Long-term nitric oxide inhibition and chronotropic responses in rat isolated right atriaZanesco, A.; Antunes, E.; Barker, L.A.; De Luca, I.M.S.; De Nucci, G.; Riado, S.R.-Artigo
2007Effect of BAY 41-2272 in the pulmonary hypertension induced by heparin-protamine complex in anaesthetized dogsMorganti, R.P.; De Nucci, G.; Freitas, C.F.; Antunes, E.; Annichino-Bizzacchi, J.M.-Artigo
2007Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a nitric oxide-releasing derivative of enalapril in male beaglesOkuyama, C.E.; Mendes, G.D.; Antunes, E.; Astigarraga, R.E.B.; Faro, R.; Lagos, R.M.; Rezende, V.M.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2003Upregulation of muscarinic receptors by long-term nitric oxide inhibition in the rat ileumDe Luca, I.M.; Teixeira, S.A.; Bricola, A.A.; Muscara, M.N.; Abdala, F.M.; De Nucci, G.; Zanesco, A.; Antunes, E.; Porto, C.S.-Artigo
2002Chronotropic response of beta-adrenergic-, muscarinic-, and calcitonin gene-related peptide-receptor agonists in right atria from neonatal capsaicin-treated ratsGasparetti, A.L.; Priviero, F.B.M.; Hyslop, S.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Zanesco, A.; Costa, S.K.P.-Artigo
1995Isolation of a polypeptide from phoneutria nigriventer spider venom responsible for the increased vascular permeability in rabbit skinMancuso, L. C.; Giglio, J.R.; Bento, A. C.; Marangoni, S.; Rego, E.; Novello, J.C.; De Nucci, G.; Oliveira, B.; Antunes, E.; Pedroso-Mariani, S.R.; Caracelli, I.-Artigo
2002Attenuation of hypertension, cardiomyocyte hypertrophy, and myocardial fibrosis by beta-adrenoceptor blockers in rats under long-term blockade of nitric oxide synthesisDe Nucci, G.; Oliveira, C.F. de; De Luca, I.M.S.; Azevedo, A.P. de; Pacca, S.R.M.C.; Antunes, E.-Artigo
2013Mechanisms involved in abdominal nociception induced by either TRPV1 or TRPA1 stimulation of rat peritoneumTrevisan, G.; Ferreira, J.; Rossato, M.F.; Prediger, R.D.S.; Silva, C.R.; Hoffmeister, C.; Oliveira, S.M.; Antunes, E.; Matheus, F.C.; Mello, G.C.-Artigo
2010Evaluation of the relaxant effect of the nitric oxide-independent soluble guanylyl cyclase stimulator BAY 41-2272 in isolated detrusor smooth muscleMonica, F.Z.T.; Priviero, F.B.M.; Bau, F.R.; Baldissera, L.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2011Functional, morphological and molecular characterization of bladder dysfunction in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice: evidence of a role for L-type voltage-operated Ca2+ channelsLeiria, L.O.S.; Schenka, A.; Franco-Penteado, C.F.; Claudino, M.A.; Carvalho, F.D.G.F.; Monica, F.Z.T.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Grant, A.D.-Artigo
2002Expression of nitric oxide synthases and in vitro migration of eosinophils from allergic rhinitis subjectsConran, N.; Lodo, M.L.S.; Ferreira, H.H.A.; Kandratavicius, L.; Salaroli, A.F.; Martins, A.R.; De Nucci, G.; Antunes, E.-Artigo
2013Obesity increases eosinophil activity in asthmatic children and adolescentsGrotta, M.B.; Mazon, S.B.; Squebola-Cola, D.M.; Ribeiro, M.A.G.O.; Toro, A.A.D.C.; Antunes, E.; Ribeiro, J.D.-Artigo
2006Effects of neonatal capsaicin treatment in the neutrophil production, and expression of preprotachykinin-I and tachykinin receptors in the rat bone marrowFranco-Penteado, C.F.; Muscara, M.N.; Souza, I.A. de; Lima, C.S.P.; Teixeira, S.A.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2008Synthesis and pharmacological evaluations of sildenafil analogues for treatment of erectile dysfunctionCaliendo, G.; Toque, H.A.F.; Teixeira, C.E.; Priviero, F.B.M.; Fiorino, F.; Perissutti, E.; Santagada, V.; Severino, B.; Lorenzetti, R.; Frecentese, F.; Baracat, J.S.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2007Reactivity of mesenteric and aortic rings from trained rats fed with high caloric dietMoraes, C. de; De Nucci, G.; Camargo, E.A.; Zanesco, A.; Antunes, E.-Artigo
1993Biochemical characterization of a vascular smooth muscle contracting polypeptide purified from phoneutria nigriventer (armed Spider) venomBorges, N.C.; Antunes, E.; Marangoni, R.A.; Oliveira, B.; Marangoni, S.; Domont, G.B.; Novello, J.C.; De Nucci, G.; Vieira, C.A.; Giglio, J.R.-Artigo
1993Activation of tissue kallikrein-kininogen-kinin system in rabbit skin by a fraction isolated from phoneutria nigriventer (armed spider) venomAntunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Marangoni, R. A.; Brain, S.D.; Giglio, J.R.-Artigo
1994Effect of arginine analogues on rat hind paw oedema and mast cell activation in vitroZappellini, A.; Cirino, G.; Giraldelo, C.M.; De Nucci, G.; De Luca, I.M.; Muscara, M.N.; Antunes, E.; Hyslop, S.; Zatz, R.-Artigo
1994The kinetics of chondroitin 4-sulfate release from stimulated platelets and its relation to thromboxane A2 formation and granule secretionDietrich, C.P.; De Nucci, G.; Nader, H.B.; Donato, J.L.; Antunes, E.; Nogueira, M.D.; Marcondes, S.-Artigo
1995Characterisation of functional endothelin receptors in the canine isolated perfused spleenDe Nucci, G.; Antunes, E.; Opgenorth, T.J.; Zatz, R.; Grassi-Kassisse, D.M.; Withrington, P.G.; Faro, R.-Artigo