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2017Development Of Polysaccharide-based Membranes Incorporating The Bioactive Compound AloinKrause Bierhalz; Andrea Cristiane; Lopes; Selma Aparecida; Resende Pires; Ana Luiza; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo
2015Properties Of Films Obtained From Biopolymers Of Different Origins For Skin Lesions TherapyBellini; Marcia Zilioli; de Oliva-Neto; Pedro; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo de periódico
2015Evaluation Of In Vitro Anti-inflammatory Effects Of Crude Ginger And Rosemary Extracts Obtained Through Supercritical Co2 Extraction On Macrophage And Tumor Cell Line: The Influence Of Vehicle TypeJusto; Oselys Rodriguez; Simioni; Patricia Ucelli; Gabriel; Dirce Lima; da Silva Cunha Tamashiro; Wirla Maria; Vieira Rosa; Paulo de Tarso; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo de periódico
2016Properties Of Pia/pcl Particles As Vehicles For Oral Delivery Of The Androgen Hormone 17 Alpha-methyltestosteroneCosta Sacchetin; Priscila Soares; Setti; Rafaela Ferreira; Vieira e Rosa; Paulo de Tarso; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo de periódico
2016Comparison Of The Properties Of Membranes Produced With Alginate And Chitosan From Mushroom And From ShrimpBierhalz; Andrea C. K.; Westin; Cecilia Buzatto; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo
2017Electrospun Multilayer Chitosan Scaffolds As Potential Wound Dressings For Skin LesionsTrinca; Rafael Bergamo; Westin; Cecilia Buzatto; Fracassi da Silva; Jose Alberto; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo
2016Tuning The Properties Of Alginatechitosan Membranes By Varying The Viscosity And The Proportions Of PolymersBierhalz; Andrea C. K.; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo
2016Polysaccharide-based Membranes Loaded With Erythromycin For Application As Wound DressingsBombaldi de Souza; Renata Francielle; Bombaldi de Souza; Fernanda Carla; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo
2016Waterborne Microorganisms And Biofilms Related To Hospital Infections: Strategies For Prevention And Control In Healthcare FacilitiesCapelletti; Raquel Vannucci; Moraes; Angela Maria-Artigo